Cartoon: Brilliant piglet

Ponzi the Pig is wondering about the educational future of his brilliant piglet offspring, Einstein.

So he goes to talk to Evanston Township High School Superintendent Eric Witherspoon about plans to eliminate honors-only sections of the freshman humanities class this fall.

Just in time, too. The school board is scheduled to vote on the issue tonight.


Opinion: School Holidaze

While at the grocery last week I ran into a fellow D65 parent who, knowing of my years of advocacy around calendar issues, expressed her frustration with the dizzying number of days our children are off or released early from school. She went on to tick off the latest round: Nov. 3 (half day), Nov. 11 (Veteran’s holiday), Nov. 24-26 (Thanksgiving break), Dec. 1 (half day), and lest we forget, the two-week winter break that is fast approaching.