Jan Schakowsky for reelection?

A recent rip to the Tom Thumb hobby shop on Davis Street brought it to my attention that the store is catching some flack for placing signs for Joel Pollak in their windows. Upon noticing the signs some weeks ago I thought this was a bit risky for their cash register, but figured that the owner didn’t care since he's operated a successful business here for close to half a century. Far more interesting to me, however, was the realization that Jan Schakowsky’s highly loyal followers seem a bit nervous about her keeping her long held 9th Congressional District seat in our U.S. House of Rep's. Much talk has been made in the media about certain long time liberal incumbents losing their seats in Congress come this election, but a Schakowsky loss would send a tsunami sized tidal wave of shock throughout the North Shore---and Nation!
Jan Schakowsky’s lock on the 9th Congressional seat can be summed up in two words: “rock solid.” History shows that the seat has been held by a Democrat since 1949 when the iconic Sid Yates began nearly 50 years at the helm of what became a left wing dynasty. However, it should be noted that district boundaries have been altered over the years as politicians redraw district boundaries in their favor, and the current 9th district map looks like something a kindergartner might have drawn with mommy posting it on the fridge door. The result: All Jan's had to really do in past elections in the way of campaigning was make sure her name appears on the ballot - she holds an amazing streak of having captured over 70% of the vote in six consecutive elections!
For Schakowsky to be forced into actively campaigning has to be a new experience for her; and to date she's looked every bit as the novice. From my perspective, Joel Pollak has been the far more composed candidate, and danced circles around her on the issues. Her campaign is sputtering along in a confused and arrogant manner as shown by her manager’s profanity laced tweet declaring that opponents of the proposed Islamic community center and mosque near Ground Zero “were f***ing dumbbells who haven’t read the First Amendment!”
This sort of “My way or the highway” mindset is a perfect example of the level of (in)tolerance Schakowsky has for people with an opposing view. Her habit of ignoring constituent’s questions that she doesn’t like is a matter of documented fact, not opinion. A classic example of Jan’s political style was widely displayed last Tuesday (10/19) as she was campaigning at the Heartland Café in Roger’s Park where she announced:
“All around the country people are trying to replicate what we are doing in Chicago. They-we have a tradition of knockin’ on doors, of pulling people out – you know, people, they talk about ‘message’ and ‘persuasion.’ Here’s our Message: I don’t get off your doorstep until you get out to the polls and vote.’ . . . That’s our message! That’s our message!”
People in America are trying to replicate Chicago style politics? was this some kind of a joke? What exactly was the message, "I'll make your life a living nightmare if you don't vote for me?
The 9th remains one of the more liberal congressional districts in the nation, but I sincerely ask how much of Schakowsky’s “Made-in-Washington” style of socialism can we endure? One need not be a genius with a computer to do some basic research to see that she’s one of the most socialistic minded members of the House. In fact, a simple Google search yields site after site citing her continued efforts to expand the role of government in our daily lives and personal business as well as dozens of frustrated posts from those seeking the basic rights of all Americans – Economic independence free of governmental intervention, excessive taxes and reckless spending.
Put aside partisan political pressure come this Nov. 2nd. – Elect Joel Pollak as our Representative in Washington!