3rd Tisdahl flyer with no new ideas -

A week ago I recieved a 3rd Flyer from the Tisdahl campaign - more of the same.

What is really interesting Liz appears to have NO record she is running on? That is what has she done on the budget for the last six years?

Liz flyer calls the Water contract unfair and claims she will renegotiate, this is truely pure nonsense. All she is likely to do next year if she is elected is to raise the water bills. She has talked about the 70 million in water plant issues, and has no understand of what they even are all about.  She knows full well you can't break a contract.

As for her statement she will " stabilize our municipal pension fund", We will all know soon it has increase by 30 million dollars more, so what is her bright idea to stabilize it?

As for the statement "She is the only candidate for mayor who has already worked to bring Federal  stimulus dollars to Evanston" - the city will recieve alittle over a million dollars - does not appear at all to her doing, The million dollars while nice, is not a large help to the taxpayers, give the several hundred million in infrastructure needs we have.  All she was stating before is she had connection to federal and state officals and this is how she was going to get us funds - clearly the voters saw through this nonsense, so now she has changed her statements to claim she is working on infrastructure funds.

Some on this board - who complain about "old Evanston" may not reconize this is the same "old" stuff the establishment in town has done for years, vague statements, misleading information, numerous coffees with their friends, statements about how their person is the "sane" choice, or they are Civil and rational.

What we have are no new ideas, and just higher taxes and taking care of all your friends who supported you with cash and held coffees, etc. Along with taking PAC money from city employee groups.

Evanstonnow  ( Bill Smith )  : endorses - Barnaby Dinges for Mayor, he also explains why Liz is not the right  choice!

"I'm leaning toward a vote for Barnaby Dinges, who has waged a grass-roots campaign with more on-the-ground energy than any of his opponents. As a newcomer to Evanston politics, he has made some bone-headed remarks -- like suggesting metal detectors at the high school. And his ideas for solving downtown parking problems need more refinement.

But his willingness to tackle the cost structure of city government and his support for economic development seem clear cut and genuine. And as a marketing professional, he seems well qualified to tackle the ceremonial and promotional aspects of the mayor's job.

Elizabeth Tisdahl has generally been a moderate voice on the City Council and was first among the aldermen to recognize that building a new civic center was a pipe dream given the city's financial limitations.

But I am not convinced she can break free from her deep entrenchment in the community's culture of expansive municipal government to provide the budget-cutting leadership the city needs. "