Those stupid Jeeps.

I know lately I've been coming on here and complaining in blog posts. And this one is no different. Those Jeeps that drive around literally going negative miles per hour are going to be the cause of me having a heart attack. I understand the city probably makes lots of money on people parking illegally on the streets, especially on week-days by the Metra. However, there has to be a better way for them to do so. Countless times on Main Street I have encountered these "things" almost causing accidents, Chicago Ave. too! That's a very dangerous road to be crawling on.

Paying for beach and discounts.

Now, I'm not incredibly happy paying 90.00 for my family swim in the lake. Especially since my son is not even two years old. And even more especially since South Street Beach is gross. I have to say this year has been better, so kudos mother nature, since it has nothing to do with my 90.00. But I digress. Yesterday my family and I went to the Skokie pool and swam (the lake was the coldest I felt in a long time) because we thought we might get the resident discount since Evanston gives Skokie residents a discount to the lake. But no, we didn't. Why is that?

Better news for Evanston's beaches

The Natural Resources Defense Council Report (NRDC) was recently highlighted here at and various local newspapers. The report (NRDC) says Illinois ranks 27th among the 30 coastal states for beach water quality. The study analyzes the number of times Great Lakes or ocean beaches were closed because of high bacteria.

2008 (151-152 samples taken)

Property tax appeal deadline Aug. 10

Evanston Township residents have received a new property assessment that reflects a reduction from the Cook County Assessor. This is the first time that the Assessor has done a mid-cycle reduction. Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin encourages all Evanston property owners to take advantage of this unique opportunity to correct any assessment errors.

“Homeowners can submit an appeal to the Cook County Assessor if they believe the new assessed value is too high, or if they have other issues concerning their property assessment,” Commissioner Suffredin said.

Residents air bus line concerns

A relatively small but vocal audience attended the CTA's hearing Thursday night, July 23, at the Levy Center on proposed changes to routes 200 (Main Shuttle) and N201 (Central/Ridge Night Owl service). The CTA proposes to shorten the Night Owl by ending the route at Howard rather than its current terminus/turnaround at Granville. The 200 route is on the table for elimination altogether.

Realtors worry about 'green' ordinance

Evanston's City Council Monday is scheduled to vote on an ordinance to require green certification for major new construction and rehabilitation projects. The North Shore–Barrington Association of Realtors objects that the ordinance has an "all sticks and no carrots" approach to encouraging green building.FINANCING Real estate is a product rarely built with cash. New construction and interior renovations most often require financing that depends on lenders’ willingness to lend – often based on loan-to-value and debt service coverage ratios.