How do I add an event to the calendar?

  1. Login to the site, if you aren't already logged in, using the "Login/Register" link in the main menu bar near the top of the screen. (If you see "My account" and "Log out" instead of "Login/Register" in the menu bar, then you're already logged in.)
  2. Select "Got news?" from the main navigation menu at the top of the page. Then select "News item or event" from the "My Evanston Now" menu in the left column on the "Got news?" page..
  3. On the new "Create News item or event" page that appears, enter a short headline describing the event or just the event's name in the "Title" field. Limit the title to about five words to make it easier to display in lists. Capitalize only the first letter of the first word and the first letter of any proper nouns. The title is required.
  4. Enter the date and time the event begins in the "From date" field. This field is required.
  5. If the event has a scheduled ending time, you can enter it in the "End" field, but that is optional. Please only use the "To date" field for events that will run continuously until the end time you specify.
  6. If an event recurs on different days, use the "Add another item" button to create additional date fields for the additional days.
  7. Note that our calendar is not intended to provide daily listings of ongoing events that span extended periods, for example, a gallery display that might continue for a month or two. For such events, please simply list the opening day of the event.
  8. Select an "Event type" for your event from the list. This field is required.
  9. Type the content of your event listing into the "Body" field.
  10. Several additional optional fields are available that you may use to provide more information about the event.
  11. Finally, enter the location information for the event. For "street" you can enter a street address or an intersection, for example "Sheridan Road at Church Street." The city, state and postal code fields are required.
  12. Click the "Preview" button and check your copy for typos or other errors.
  13. Once you've fixed any mistakes, click the "Save" button to submit your new calendar entry.
  14. Our editorial staff checks event listings before they're published. That usually happens within 24 hours.


problem adding event?

Hello EN,

Everytime I try to add an event I receive a message that says I am  not authorized to access this page.  Is there a bug or do I require some other permission? There is also no event option whe I scroll over got new? section.  Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated!

Best Regard,