How do I format my content?

Generally speaking, you should use a minimum of formatting on copy you submit to Evanston Now.

The button bar at the top of the body field provides several formating options. To use it, first either select the copy you want to have affected by the change or position your cursor where you want the change to affect new copy you type in.
The buttons, from left to right:

  1. Toggle bold text on and off.
  2. Toggle italic text on and off.
  3. Make selected text an indented block quote.
  4. Add or remove a bullet list.
  5. Add or remove a numbered list.
  6. Undo the last editing change.
  7. Redo the last editing change.
  8. Create a link
  9. Remove a link
  10. Insert a photo or other graphic. (Only available to real-name users.)

Copy, cut and paste
You can use standard keyboard shortcuts to paste [Control-V] text into the body field that you've placed on your computer's clipboard using the cut [Control-X] or copy [Control-C] commands. Just place your cursor in the body field before using he paste command.
Pasting copy from Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word and similar word processing programs add complex formatting to documents that is not appropriate for use on this site. Therefore, when you try to paste from a Word document, a popup window will appear into which you can paste the text that will remove the formatting.
Once your document is pasted into the body field, you may need to use the Enter key to add space between paragraphs and do a bit of additional editing to clean up the file to make it more presentable.
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To post here is so hard, it

To post here is so hard, it cant remember people, passwords, nothing some times it lets  me post other times it cant tell who I am way way to tough!!