How do I add an entry to my blog?

Here's how to add an entry to your blog:

  1. You must be a real-name user to submit blog entries. Find information on how to register here. Once you're registered, Request an upgrade to real-name user status using the contact form.
  2. Click the "Got news?" item in the main menu near the top of the page. On the "Got news?" page, select the Blog link from the "My Evanston Now" menu in the left column.
  3. On the new "Submit blog entry" page that appears, enter a title, or headline, for the blog entry in the "Title" field. Try to make your headline short (4~5 words) and catchy so people will want to read your post.
  4. Select "News" or "Views" from the category list to determine whether this entry should be classified as a news item or an opinion piece.
  5. Type the content of your blog entry into the "Body" field.
  6. Click the "Preview" button and check your copy for typos or other errors.
  7. Once you've fixed any mistakes, click the "Save" button to submit your new blog entry
  8. Congratulations! You've done it!
  9. Our editorial staff checks blog entries before they're published. That usually happens within 24 hours.


Publish a blog entry

Yesterday I submitted a new blog entry and noticed that in my workspace that it was not published. Is there a time period for blog entries to be approved before they are published? If not, did I miss a setting while I was entering the blog? Please advise the best way to make new blog entries published!


On publishing a blog entry

It generally takes anywhere from a couple hours to as much as a day before we have a chance to look at newly submitted blog entries and make them live.
This time it was toward the long end of that range.
Sorry about that.


Thank You, Kindly!


I had a feeling that is what was going on. I have just picked up on blogging and a lot of times when you submit blogs to search directories it can take anywhere to two weeks for them to get approved. So, no worries you are way ahead of the game.

Thanks again for your help!