Three hurt in five car accident at Ridge and Dempster

Update 9:50 p.m.: Evanston police say three people were taken to Evanston Hospital after a five car accident about 4:15 this afternoon at Ridge Avenue and Dempster Street.

Police Cmdr. Joseph Dugan says a 58-year-old Des Plaines woman driving eastbound on Dempster went through the read light, striking two cars that were southbound on Ridge. The eastbound car then went on to hit two northbound cars.

A 37-year-old Evanston woman driving one of the southbound cars and her two sons, ages 5 and 8, were taken to the hospital complaining of pain.

The driver of the car that went through the light was cited for disobeying a traffic control signal.

Traffic on Ridge and Dempster was blocked at the intersection for about an hour after the accident.



What is to be done about Ridge?

Any police officer will tell you how dangerous Ridge is.

Or talk to a crossing guard.  They see the scary behavior first hand.  As one said to me, these drivers just need to allow more time to get to where they need to be.  Get up earlier.  Leave the house sooner.  Be realistic about how much time you need to get from here to there.

I am a pedestrian.  I see it every day, since NO ONE even attempts to stop for yellow lights anymore, and  close to one third of drivers blast through red lights on Ridge.  Today I watched a school bus blow a red light, since it was already 3:30 and he was late for his pick up.

When and how will we address this issue?

There is a new device at Ridge and Davis that records speed and urges morotists to slow down.  I hope it makes a differnce.


Driver was on Dempster

I agree with you that Ridge is pretty dangerous as far as roads go (angled street with narrow lanes and stone walls on one side for much of it), but in this case, the driver went through a red light while going eastbound on Dempster. She should have seen the red light there, plain and simple. There are three visible stoplights there - one on the west side of the street and two on the east. Doesn't seem like the oddities of Ridge contributed to this accident based on the information released.

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