Video: Daniel Biss launches campaign for governor

Here's a replay of the news conference at which state senator Daniel Biss (D-Evanston) announced his campaign for governor this morning.

During the news conference, Biss said, "People across our state are hurting because of the failed policies of the last three years and the failed politics of the past 30 years."

"In Illinois, those with money and the political insiders hold a monopoly on power in both parties," he added. "They fight each other and look out for themselves, instead of fighting for us. There’s a broken political culture in Springfield, and if we keep doing things the same way, we’re going to get more of the same failure. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.”

“That's why I’m running for governor of Illinois," Biss said, "because it’s time to start solving our problems. I’m running because we need a movement of the people to overcome the power of money and the machine, and take our state back."

Biss is joining what's shaping up to be a crowded field in the Democratic primary. Chicago businessman Chris Kennedy has already announced his candidacy, as has Chicago Alderman Ameya Pawar.

Entrepreneur and investor J.B. Pritzker has formed an exploratory committee for a run and state Sen. Andy Manar of Bunker Hill, also is considering a bid.

Biss has represented Evanston in Springfield since 2010.




What a joke...."pension and mathematics guru" part of the party in charge of this state for 80 years accomplishes nothing on that end and wants to move on to a higher position. Only in Illinois.

Biss for Governor

Nothing in Springfield will change as long as Mike Madigan rules the Illionois House.

Good luck, Dan, both in the primary battle to become candidate for Governor, and if you win, in governing instead of Madigan.

Biss plays on Madigan's team

OMG - are you aware that Daniel Biss plays on the same team as Mike Madigan?

If you want things to change in Springfield you won't vote for anyone on Madigan's team.

God help us


Thank you for reminding us that Biss has been in Springfield for the last 7 years. This was after Biss gave his reason for running was the failure of our pols in Springfield. I think he put the nial in his campaign coffin.

All I can remember of his years in Springfield is his bragging about his repeated attempts to raise our taxes.

  • ​transfer teacher pension responsibilities from the state to local school districts
  • have the state hire college counselors to help students control debt
  • help Madigan stay in power.

More costly red tape to increase costs.

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