How to guides

Here are some resources you may find helpful as you participate in the Evanston Now community.BBC Training & Development
The British Broadcasting Corporation offers an extensive program of training courses for its own staff and outsiders. You probably don't want to fly to London and pay $1,000 or more for a class -- but some material, like the BBC News Styleguide, is available for free download. Bloggers' Rights
The Electronic Frontier Foundation provides information on legal issues that affect bloggers, and others who publish online. The Legal Guide is especially useful. Citizen Media Initiatives List
The Online News Association's web site maintains a list of citizen journalism efforts around the country. It's not really a "how to" -- but sometimes the best way to learn is by studying other examples. Journalism Tutorial
A former editor of the Boston Globe and a writing coach based at the University of New Hampshire developed some advice a few years ago on writing and reporting skills for a project at the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Media Bistro
This networking site for media types offers a variety of short courses in media skills. Most are presented face-to-face on the east or west coast, but some are offered online. Online Journalism Review
OJR provides analysis of the field and includes a Code of Ethics for online journalists that builds on the SPJ code (see below). Society of Professional Journalists
SPJ offers a variety of resources for journalists, including a Code of Ethics that wraps up in less than 800 words a lot of excellent advice for those who would commit journalism. We Media 2.0
The "We Media resources" section of this page has an extensive list of resources on participatory journalism and related topics. - - - - If you've found other resources you'd like people to know about, please add a comment to this page that mentions them. And if you can provide feedback, good or bad, about the resources we've mentioned, that would be helpful, too.