Evanston Sentinel Endorses Christopher Hart, Candidate for 6th Ward Alderman

Reprint from April, 2009 Edition

The Editorial Board of The Evanston Sentinel has met and has endorsed its candidates. The selections were made after comparing each candidate using the following criteria:1) the integrity of the individual; 2) the demonstrated level of commitment of the candidate to the community and all its members; 3) the intellectual independence of the individual.

Towards a Greener Evanston

Opening statement to Citizens for a Greener Evanston/Evanston Public Library forum:

I want to especially thank Citizens for a Greener Evanston for sponsoring tonight's forum because it gives us a chance to talk about something else besides budgets and zoning, positions and policy. I'm eager to answer your questions about environmental issues and Evanston.

Campaign Journal, March 10, 2009

Our Campaign Journal is meant to provide a quick and easy way for you to stay connected in the month prior to our Consolidated Election on April 7th. We also will be using these updates to solicit your opinions and ideas on emerging issues of importance so that I can best reflect your views during the many conversations I am having with voters and other candidates. I look forward to hearing your feedback.

What Distinguishes the 6th Ward Candidates for Alderman?

Yesterday, Aldermanic candidates within the City of Evanston participated in the League of Women Voters' forum held at our Civic Center.

The 6th Ward candidates continue to offer a model of civility that we hope transfers throughout the City and to the new Council. While many of our views are in alignment and reflective of the majority opinions of our constituents, there are important distinctions among the candidates in terms of approach to service.

Opening Statement to CSNA Candidates Forum

Dear friends and neighbors,

For me, running for alderman is the culmination of two decades of community involvement and professional development. I've prepared for this job and timed it in my life. I've taken leadership classes and have flexible hours from my employer. I've run a political organization and I have a public record as trustee of a property tax district.

Tonight, you will hear a lot about experience and qualifications, opinions and ideas. I would like to take  this time to talk about what “Evanston resident since 1986” means.