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    Plan Commission members today continued efforts to define where high-rise buildings should not be located downtown, and what should be permitted in those places instead.

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    District 65 school board members selected Mary Erickson as their new president on a unanimous vote at a special meeting Monday night.

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    The City Council Rules Committee tonight moved toward asking voters this fall to increase the real estate transfer tax to fund affordable housing in Evanston.

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    Beekeepers in Evanston got a reprieve tonight as aldermen voted to postpone committee action on a proposal that would ban the hobby.

    The aldermen asked city staff to gather more information on regulatory schemes in other communities and at least one alderman set up a visit to the home of a local beekeeper to see the bees in action.

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    The aging mid-century apartment building at 510 Sheridan Road would fall to the wrecking ball under plans scheduled for review by city staff this week.

    510 Sheridan Road

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    Two days ago, an important voice, who challenged the status quo, died in Toronto, where she had lived. Jane Jacobs was a social critic who redefined and championed cities. Jacobs, who wrote the seminal work, “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” in 1961, was a hero of mine and of many others who believe that urban centers like Evanston must be diverse, dynamic, and dense, in order to be successful. By congregating people and activities and promoting more social interaction, Jacobs offered prescriptions that questioned the often-destructive and popular urban renewal methods.

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    The proposal to ban beekeeping in Evanston that goes before the City Council's Human Services Committee tonight has sparked a wave of comments.

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    If your neighbor sets up a bee hive in his back yard -- how much does that increase your exposure to bees? John Hansen, education manager for the Cook-DuPage Beekeepers Association, offers the following thoughts.

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    With Evanston aldermen considering a ban on beekeeping at tonight's Human Services Committee meeting, John Hansen, education manager for the Cook-DuPage Beekeepers Association, offers the following thoughts on health risks from bee stings.

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    Chicago Transit Authority officials say that work to make the Belmont and Fullerton stations handicap accessible will slow traffic on the Purple, Red and Brown lines over the next several months.

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    The Chicago Transit Authority says the eastbound lane of Main Street in Evanston will be closed at Chicago Avenue starting at 9 a.m.

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    Volunteers at Northwestern and from around the community are signing up to work at the Gay Games events scheduled to be held at the school this summer.

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    At Kingsley Elementary, the school the board dropped from the proposed test of an African-centered curriculum for Evanston, some parents wish they had it -- others are content to wait and see how t

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    The consent decree that ended Northwestern University's suit against the city over creation of the Northeast Evanston Historic District two years ago was back in the news last week.

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    The Inclusionary Housing Ordinance our aldermen are considering would stick buyers of new condos in Evanston with the bill for the loss of affordable housing here, while all property owners reap the profits from the rising home values that created the affordability issue.