Robert Crown is getting a lending machine

The lending machine at Robert Crown

It may look like a vending machine the Evanston Public Library is installing at the Robert Crown Center, but actually it’s a book lending machine.

And it will begin coughing up books and DVDs next week, according to Library Director Karen Danczak Lyons.

All you’ll need is an Evanston library card to process a transaction. Books can be checked out for two weeks and DVDs for one week on a nonrenewable basis.

“This is another step in our process as we encourage our families to expect library services at the Robert Crown location,” says Lyons. “We look forward to welcoming our families to Evanston’s Robert Crown Branch Library in a few years."

The EPL book lending machine will be available any time Robert Crown is open. Materials can be returned at the book drop at Robert Crown or at any of the library’s locations.



Sounds like a good idea

If shipping books off-site [40 miles] was good enough for NU---thinking students and researchers don't need immediate access, it should work for EPL.

Since the assumption seems to be that EPL is SO very far away from the North and South branches and now Crown, surely a wagon train can run daily to take books out to these rural areas [add in far NW to the site for the wagon train].

Did EPL [total] see a drop in book use/circulatiion when the south branch was removed ? When the Simpson branch disappeared? an increase when the Twig was created ?

For all the kids I see biking around downtown Evanston, it seems transportation for them is not a problem. Will the Loft be downsized or part moved to Crown---after all there is only so much of other peoples money you can spend before it runs out. ? How about the Main children's library and facilities ?

Seems like Crown, North and Twig are some liberals idea of what 'should be' without an independent study of what people 'say' they want and will actually use.  But then again it is taxpayers money---not the Council or Library Board member money---that pays for it. So what do they care---they get their Progressive 'card' punched.

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