One-stop-shop for property tax info launches

An image from the front page of the new website.
A consolidated website that offers one-stop shopping for property tax information in Cook County launched today.
The Cook County Property Tax Portal includes information from the separte websites of the county assessor, county clerk recorder of deeds, county treasurer and the dounty board of review.
County Board President Toni Preckwinkle says the collaborative effort saves time and promotes efficiency.
The site allows residents to have online access to information they may never have been aware of before – such as appeal or exemption opportunities or liens on their properties.
Previously, property owners who wanted to see the tax history of a home, business or land had to visit the websites of up to six different county offices to “piece together” the record of ownership, payments, exemptions, appeals, refunds and delinquencies – much of which goes back only one year.
Now owners will get five years of history, in linear form and on a single screen, without having to surf from website to website, determining what is owed, paid, and what refunds might be available.
The portal was financed in its entirety from the budget of the county treasurer, at no additional cost to Cook County taxpayers.



Eliminate Evanston Township

This is an excellent example of how our government can become more effective and efficient. Congratulations!
So why do we really need Evanston Township? To keep jobs for those privileged few?
The City of Evanston can continue to provide General Assistance to people who need those services.
The City of Evanston can help its constituents with their real estate tax issues utilizing this fine technology.
Evanston taxpayers can save $500,000 PER YEAR with the elimination of redundant costs.
Evanston voters voted overwhelmingly to eliminate the Township.
When and how is Evanston Township going to be eliminated?
Sadly, Senator Schoenberg said that Townships throughout the state rallied against his proposed bill. Of course they're going to oppose it. Is there real leadership in this state that is looking out for the good of the state and not just a group of well organized and self interested few people?

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