Keg granted new hearing on Evanston license revocation

The Illinois Liquor Control Commission has ordered the City of Evanston to hold a new hearing on its decision to revoke The Keg's liquor license.

Acting on an appeal by the bar's owner, the state commission this week directed the local liquor control commissioner, Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl, to "present formal charges and evidence supporting those charges" at the new hearing while giving the bar's owner "the opportunity to present a formal defense."
Tisdahl revoked the bar's license Jan. 30, after a hearing Jan. 27 at which city officials presented a stack of phony ID cards police had confiscated during a raid at the bar Jan. 6.
The Keg has been operating under a stay of the city's closure order issued by the state liquor board after the bar filed its appeal in March.



Double trouble

It's nice to see someone calling out Tisdahl to follow a clear procedure for taking actions like this one.  Right or not, she needs to follow procedures and not take her double title/roles of Mayor and Commissioner too liberally.


I agree with your comment. While not a Keg fan, revoking a business license is a rather extreme thing to do and should be subject to some controls and oversight.

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