Evanston election night 2012

Local Democrats swept the Evanston-based races on the ballot Tuesday. Here's a recap of our live coverage of the election returns.

Top: Watching the election returns on MSNBC at the Democrats' party at Prairie Moon in Evanston..

9:29 pm - Focus for locals shifts to the presidential race
9:11 pm - Schoenberg says Evanston influenced Wisconsin outcome
8:53 pm - Cheers for U.S. House and Senate races
8:35 pm - Candidates thank their supporters
8:10 pm - Biss, Gabel, Shore, all confident of victory
7:54 pm - Election night video
7:49 pm - First results in
7:28 pm - Schakowsky optimisic
7:25 pm - Awaiting first results
6:57 pm - Good evening


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