City wins summer jobs grant

Evanston has won a nearly $108,000 grant for this year's youth summer jobs program.

The federally-funded grant was awarded through the Cook County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

That's the same program that recently turned down a city request for funds to pay for surveillance cameras along Dodge Avenue and Church Street.

The grant will fund 52 part-time and 31 full-time seasonal jobs for at-risk Evanston youth through the Youth and Young Adult Division of the city.

Already, some 365 youth who participated in the mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Job Fair are working in various city departments and with private employers.

The additional 83 positions will bring that number to 448 participants - the most in the program's history dating from 1992. This puts the city closer to the program target goal of 500 positions in 2014.

Although the students hired from this funding will start working later in the summer than other participants, they will work during July and August and potentially could work part-time in September after school starts, according to a news release from the city.

A list of employers participating in the program can be found on the city’s website.

City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz thanked Parks, Recreation and Community Services Diector Joe McRae and Youth and Young Adults Manager Kevin Brown for putting together the application.



Paying the bill and doing the work? No but taking the credit

Is the Mayor paying for this program out of her own pocket and running the entire program with no help from other city staff?

If not, this "branding" of government programs need to stop. We the taxpayers provide this employment program and various staff members make it possible. It is not to be claimed as the private property or accomplishment of any one government official unless they want to pay for it themselves and do all of the work themselves.

I understand that all politicians have big egos but I find this type of boosterism offensive. It's just a politician looking for a parade to jump in front of. Taking staff time to design a logo with the Mayor's name at the top then plaster it around town and in news releases adds nothing to the program.

Smart Cost Free Move

The mayor has always been her biggest booster. Who else would boost her, if she didn't take the time to do it herself. These events usually envolve city or state tax dollars and at the events, she has never been shy about jumping in front of a camera for a photo op. Politicians that don't self promote usually don't last long.

It is a smart move on her part.

Let's make sure to have

Let's make sure to have at-risk youth working as camp counselors for little kids this summer. 

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