New street sweeping signage showing up

A new street cleaning sign on the south side of Brummel Street near Ridge Avenue. (Mike Perlman photo)

Evanston's new street sweeping signs are starting to show up around town, but James Maiworm of the city's Public Works Agency says it will take another couple of weeks to finish the job.

Maiworm says production of the signs by the city's contractor started with ones that bar parking on Thursdays, so those have been going up first.

Because opposite sides of most streets are cleaned on different days of the week, that means many streets now have the new signs posted on one side of the road -- while the old signs are still up on the other side.

An old sign still up on the east side of Wesley Avenue north of Church Street. (Bill Smith photo)

Maiworm says the contractor's crews are installing between 100 and 200 signs a day, with much of the work done at night. He says they'll be working around the clock within the next week or so to wrap up the job.

The last part of the revised signage -- new signs for snow routes on major arteries -- won't be finished until this summer.


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