Early voting underway for April 4 election

Campaign signs at the entrance to the Civic Center parking lot this afternoon.

Early voting started today across suburban Cook County and the polling place at the Evanston Civic Center was one of the busiest.

Cook County Clerk David Orr says 134 ballots had been cast in Evanston as of 2 p.m. That count was only exceeded at the Senior Youth Center polling place in Lynwood where 145 ballots had been cast.

Evanston residents can vote at any of the 52 early voting sites around the county. 

Evanston voters are choosing a mayor, city clerk and aldermen, selecting members of elementary, high school and community college boards and deciding the fate of a tax increase referendum for District 65.

Cook County residents who missed the voter registration deadline for this election can still register, at any of the Early Voting sites. During this Grace Period, voters not yet registered must provide two forms of identification – one with current address – to register, and they must vote in person at the time that they register. A government-issued photo ID is not required to vote early.



Is there a list?

I know the Mayoral candidates and my candidates for Alderman, but am I selecting members for the elementary, HS and Community College Boards as well?  Perhaps my Search skills are lacking but when it comes to schools, I'm really out of touch with what to do there other than simply skip voting for that part.  

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