Steve Hagerty on housing strategies

Housing issues are challenging but deeply important to Evanston. We need to take a broad, innovative and holistic approach to addressing them.

I would utilize my decades of expertise in the field of government grant making and grant management to ensure that Evanston gets its fair share of federal resources for housing. I believe Mayor Tisdahl and the City have done a good job of improving our grant-seeking processes and I want to build on this to help address housing without putting more burden on taxpayers.

I want to strengthen the Affordable Housing Fund to ensure that Evanston remains affordable to senior citizens and our residents who face financial limitations.

Additionally, I want to use the communications tools available to the Mayor’s office to ensure that residents in need of housing-related services know about them. I will educate seniors, veterans, the disabled and those with low-incomes about tax reductions they may be eligible for and I would work with partners like the Erie Health Center to promote programs such as Home Energy Assistance and free rides for Seniors.

Regarding alternative strategies, Hagerty wrote:

I want to keep the door open to all options to address housing affordability and I would encourage voters to read my views on both Community-based economic development and enhancing our diversity.

I am concerned that sometimes the aesthetics and beauty of this City are compromised because we are unwilling to negotiate with setbacks, height, and other tools available to us.


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