Cartoon: Hey, Evanston, let's do a pay study!

Evanston aldermen tonight are scheduled to approve spending $28,000 for a consultant to study whether the city is paying its non-union employees the right amount of money.

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The compensation study proposal (.pdf)


28K to study what?

You offer a certain position at a certain salary, if qaulified people apply, your at an appropriate pay level, if nobody qualified applies,  your underpaying, if too many quality candidates apply,  you've overestimated and you make lower final offers. 
Who cares what Skokie or anybody else is paying but comparable information is easily and readily available anyway.   
Just send me the 28K check.

Salary study

Pay me $65/hour for one week's work (40 hrs.) and I can conduct the research and produce a nice report.  PowerPoint, if you like.