Makes a wrong turn, gets shot on Custer

A 19-year-old Chicago woman made a wrong turn on Custer Avenue early today and ended up getting shot in the leg, Evanston police reported.

She was driving a 2006 Land Rover with two passengers when she turned north on Custer at Main Street and ran into a dead end a little before 2 a.m.

As she turned her vehicle around, another car came down the street and an occupant of the car fired shots at the Land Rover, hitting the driver in the leg.

One of her passengers called police, and a fire department ambulance transported her to St. Francis Hospital.

The shooter fled the scene and remains at large, police said.



Shots on Custer

Not long ago, on a weekday afternoon (6:00 pm) I was picking up an order at Lupita's, across the street from the Main St. post office, when what seemed like a domestic violence situation escalated into the street from one of the buildings at exactly the same place where woman got shot. Police should look into that. At least one couple where screaming at each other, obscenities and other insults...bystanders -including myself- left the scene, as we were afraid guns could be used. This, as Metra commuters where trying to walk west on Main St. during rush hour!

Can I ask why?

Can I ask WHY you did not call the police??

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