ETHS teacher injured in fight between students

Updated at 4:30 p.m.
Evanston Township High School reported that a teacher was injured at the school at about 1 p.m. Tuesday while trying to break up a fight between two students.

Evanston police were called to the scene, but no charges were filed.
A police spokesman said the teacher was a 45-year-old male who was pushed to the floor during the encounter with two male students. The teacher suffered minor injuries and was treated on the scene by school medical personnel, according to police.
The students involved were removed from the school following the incident and will be subject to disciplinary actions “as warranted by district policies,” according to a notice on the school's website.
A school spokesman declined to identify the teacher in order to protect his confidentiality.



What's up, ETHS?

As a deeply concerned parent of a potential future ETHS student, I have one question...what's going on over there? This is the second such incident in the news in the last few months.

It's a high school, and kids

It's a high school, and kids get in fights. Unless you think your child has a short and violent temper and likely to push a teacher or start a fight, it really will have no impact on their education. My kids each got a fantastic education at ETHS.
I am more concerned about the press making a big deal about a couple of kids fighting and the inability of the high school to respond in a forthcoming way.

what he (or she) said

There are fights almost every day.  Some small and meaningless some bigger.  This is a LOT of kids with a LOT of hormones.  My son says, you see something going on, you walk the other way.  I was really afraid until he got there and basically says there is no on in these fights that doesn't want to be.  
How we have so many students interested in hurting one another and with no skills to solve problems other than to duke it out is another matter indeed.  But the place is big enough and the dynamicsdiscernable enough that he or she will be OK.

Is this related to the

Is this related to the suspension policy?

Ask Dr. Witherspoon tonight @ 7:15 pm

ETHS is hosting a Community Conversation tonight from 7:15-8:45 pm @ Beth Emet, 1224 Dempster.
It's free and open to everyone in the community.
Dr. Witherspoon and several senior members of the Administration will participate.
Attend and ask questions.
Lots of issues to discuss.

Problems start at home

I am a former student from ETHS. I graduated in 2002. 
Fights were not happening every day back in those years. It seems that lately things are getting a little out of control, even in the streets surrounding ETHS (north of Church street to be more specific.)
People need to learn how to live peacefully and start acting as humans. It all starts at home, If problems don't get fixed at home, they get carried to our schools and eventually to our streets.

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