City gets googly eyed over Google fiber

A task force of Evanstonians who hope Google will choose our town for the test of the firm's proposed ultra-high speed internet access service meet again at 6 p.m. tonight at the Civic Center to develop the city's application.

A city promo banner for 'Google Day'

That comes  ahead of what the mayor has proclaimed as Google Day in Evanston on Wednesday, March 24, two days before the company's March 26 deadline for communities to respond to its request for information from towns interested in the service.

Workshop to brief non-profit boards on finances

The Evanston Community Foundation is sponsoring a workshop this month to brief board members of non-profit groups on how to provide financial oversight for the organizations they serve.
Whether of not they have financial backgrounds, board members and the board as a whole have an important role in providing financial oversight and protecting the assets of the organization.

Free parking ups holiday garage use

Expanding a free parking offer at Evanston's downtown garages seems to have increased garage usage during the holiday shopping season.
Usage figures presented at this week's Parking and Transportation Committee meeting show parking garage usage increased 6 percent during the Nov. 27 to Jan. 4 run of the promotion last year compared to the same time span in 2008.