10 new COVID-19 cases in Evanston, 937 across state


Evanston recorded 10 new COVID-19 cases today for a total of 81, while the statewide count rose by 937 to 5,994.

Chicago reported 495 new cases for a total of 2,693. And Skokie reported 5 new cases for a total of 86.

The state reported 26 additional deaths today for a total of 99. Chicago had 6 new deaths for a total of 22. There were no new deaths reported in Evanston, with one previous death, or Skokie, which has had four previous deaths from the novel coronavirus.

With today’s new cases, just over one in every thousand Evanston residents has been confirmed by tests to have a case of the coronavirus disease.

Health officials have noted that 80 percent or more of the people diagnosed have not required hospitalization, but they’ve also noted than an undetermined number of additional people with mild symptoms may have the disease and be spreading it and that some people with the virus also appear to be able to spread it even before they show symptoms.


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