16-year-old electrocuted while walking on CTA tracks

Victim took early morning walk along the tracks with a friend.

A section of the CTA Purple Line tracks where Samantha Cerrone was electrocuted. (Google Maps)

Evanston police say a 16-year-old New Trier High School student died early Wednesday when she fell against the electrified third rail while walking along the CTA Purple Line tracks north of the Central Street station.

Samantha Ceronne, whose family lives near the CTA tracks in Wilmette, reportedly was out for an early morning walk along the tracks during a sleepover with a friend when she fell onto the rail.

She was taken to nearby Evanston Hospital where she was pronounced dead. The friend, who tried to pull her off the rail, was injured, but reportedly is expected to recover.

The third rail, used to power trains, carries 600 volts of electricity, a current the CTA says is almost always lethal if someone comes into contact with it.

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