A supporter of Alderman Judy Fiske, 1st Ward, today withdrew her objection to the ballot petition signatures of challenger Edward Tivador after it became obvious math wasn’t on her side.

The objection filed by Barbara Janes, the wife of Fiske’s campaign treasurer, alleged that irregularities in some of Tivador’s petitions left him with too few valid petition signaures to win a place on the April election ballot.

But at an electoral board meeting this morning. Janes’ attorney, Scott Spears, asked to withdraw the objection because the questionned petition signatures — even if all were thrown out by the board — wouldn’t have been enough to reduce the count of Tivador supporters below the legal minimum.

Top: City Attorney Grant Farrar explains procedures for the electoral board meeting as the board’s chair, Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl, looks on. Above: Candidate Edward Tivador (right) with his attorney at the electoral board meeting.

With 1,064 votes cast in the last election for 1st Ward alderman, Tivador needed at least 53 valid signatures, and no more than 103 signatures, according to calculations by City Clerk Rodney Greene.

He actually submitted 122 signatures and Janes had challenged the validity of 40 of them.

Even assuming the 19 signatures in excess of the maximum were thrown out, and the challenges to all 40 questionned signatures were upheld, Tivador still would have had 63 signatures, more than the 55 minimum required.

After the meeting Tivador said he was pleased with the withdrawal of the challenge and was looking forward to the campaign.

Tivador, who lives in the Sherman Plaza condominium development downtown, is the superintendent of schools in Northbrook Glenview District 30. 

The decision means Fiske, a pet supply store owner completing her first term on the council, will be one of just two aldermen facing a challenger this spring.

The other is first-term Alderman Mark Tendam, 6th Ward, who’s being challenged by Mark Sloane, who came in second in a three-way race for the job four years ago.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Who is Tivador and what are his issues?

    We know that Tivador is a school superintendent.  But that is about it.  He has no website nor any presence on Facebook that I can acertain.

    What is his platform?

    I personally would like to see Fiske defeated, but I would like to know about Tivador's ideas, first.

    I find it a little unusual that someone running a school district would have the time to meet the aldermanic obligations expected by constituents.  

    In Evanston we usually get aldermen who are either self-employed, semi-retired and essentially work "full time" as aldermen because their day jobs are rather flexible.  Of the current crop I think only Burrus doesn't fit into those categories, and she is the Director of Corporate Relations at Northwestern so her employer is likely  tolerant of her political work and understands if she has to be at meetings, administrative adjudication hearings, etc…

    School superintendent is already a high profile job in a community and I would think Tivador would have alot of planned and unplanned obligations with the School Board that could impact his work as an alderman.

    Not saying that this is a problem, but it is something voters should consider and he should address.

    1. It’s actually a part-time

      It's actually a part-time position and most full Council Meetings and committee meetings are scheduled in the evenings. More than a few aldermen have had full-time jobs.

      1. Trivador leaves a bunch of questions unanswered

        His website is full of simplistic platititudes.  Surprise! He's for safety, economic development, preservation, and a better quality of life!

        He offers nothing in the way of concrete proposals nor does he give any indication as to what his views are on recent issues facing the council.

        Furthermore, he doesn't really give any indication as to his ties to the community.  How long has he lived in the First Ward, for instance?

        His Facebook page is strange.  He has a photo album called "In The Community" which shows him in places that are clearly not Evanston.  One has him in front of a crowd somewhere called "Maple School."

        Trying to pass off non-Evanston places as part of your engagement with the "community" is not the best way to introduce yourself to voters.

        I say this as someone who is uncomfortable with the current alderman.

        If Tivador is not more forthcoming, the choice is going to be between the Devil you know and the Devil you don't.

        1. I’ll take the devil behind door number 3, Monty

          You ask:

          Furthermore, he doesn't really give any indication as to his ties to the community.  How long has he lived in the First Ward, for instance?

          According to an article in Evanston Now, Dec 2012, 'Four aldermen face election challengers', 

          "Tivador bought his condo at Sherman Plaza in 2007 and was appointed last year to the Citizens Police Advisory Committee. He is school superintendent in Northbrook Glenview District 30."

          So there..he has lived in the First Ward for at least five years…and more importantly, through all of Alderman Fiske's term, so he knows what Fiske is all about.

          "The Community"…well, the guy is a school superintendent…so he's involved in community affairs in other places too.  I don't have a problem with that.  

          Even if he is an empty suit, I think that would be an improvement over the current First Ward alderman.  At least he wouldn't cause any trouble.  Maybe the seven aldermen who are often on the other side of 7-2 votes with Fiske will be so pleased with the First Ward for getting rid of Fiske, that they will look out for us too.

          Anyone who is running against Fiske deserves the benefit of the doubt….I am going to assume that he is qualified, and the better candidate, unless I have evidence otherwise.

  2. Competition is good

    So happy to hear this.   The more contested races we have the better the community will be served.

  3. Yeah but

    There are other Alderpersons who need a challenge. Specifically those that champion spending millions for restaraunts, bars and theaters. Say, what ever happened with that theater building we bought on Howard? Is this another dead $XXX,XXX we funded?

    It is a partime job paying (total comp) of about $30K/year so the only ones who can run are retired or who can afford to spend a lot of time on city business. That severely limits the potential field. All of them spend a great deal of time wrestling with the issues of the city without fair compensation. Perhaps we should change the council and have fewer of them but with adequate compensation. Some of the funding could come from reduced reliance on the City Manager who makes a great deal of money. Just a thought.

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