The City of Evanston released a list today of 27 stores that would be prohibited from distributing point-of-sale plastic shopping bags, effective Aug. 1, 2015.

An ordinance that narrowly passed the City Council by a 5-4 vote Monday night bans the distribution of such bags by stores larger than 10,000 square feet.

Dine-in and take-out restaurants, as well as non-chain stores, are exempt from the ban.

The ordinance does not prohibit customers from using bags of any type that they bring to the store for their own use. Also, point-of-sale paper bags as well as plastic bags used to package products in-store, such as produce, meat, and other grocery items, are not affected.

In a release Tuesday, the city promised “to work closely with impacted stores to facilitate the implementation of the ordinance, as well as conduct a citywide education and outreach campaign to assist the larger community in the transition.”

Here is a list of the 27 stores that the city said would be directly affected by the ordinance:

2211 Oakton St.

Barnes & Noble
1630 Sherman Ave.

Best Buy
2301 W. Howard St.

Cost Plus World Market
1725 Maple Ave.

3333 Central St.
1711 Sherman Ave.
101 Asbury Ave.

Food 4 Less
2400 Main St.

Gordon Food Service
2424 Oakton St.

The Home Depot
2201 Oakton St.

Jewel Osco
2485 Howard St.
1128 Chicago Ave.

2400 Main St.

Office Depot
2722 Green Bay Rd.

2255 Howard St.

2221 Oakton St.

Pivot Point International Inc.
1560 Sherman Ave.

Public Storage
2050 Green Bay Rd.

Sam’s Club
2450 Main St.

2209 W. Horward St.

Trader Joe’s
1211 Chicago Ave.

Vogue Fabrics
718-732 Main St.
618 Hartrey Ave.

2102 Green Bay Rd.
900 Dodge Ave.

Whole Foods
1640 Chicago Ave.
1111 Chicago Ave.

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  1. Good Luck Evanston

    Good luck Evanston fighting the battle on this with the big boy stores. NO WAY they will adhere to this without a fight. Best Buy, Target, etc have NEVER had anything but plastic bags unless you want to look weird in an electronics store by bringing your own.

    1. They missed Office Max on Sherman

      They missed Office Max on Sherman.  Plus Aldi and Sam's club give away boxes, not plastic bags.

    2. The ordinance doesn’t apply
      The ordinance doesn’t apply to stores <10000sf, so the Chicago Ave Walgreen's (and the Sherman Ave OfficeMax) would not be affected by the ordinance.

  2. We can make it work

    Sam's Club got rid of plastic bags many years ago.  At the tme I thought they were crazy but here I sit years later and have gotten used to either bringing my reusable bag that stays in the car or using one of the boxes they have readily available to patrons, in the store.

    Yes, the jury is out on whether paper is better than plastic, but we can reuse paper bags to hold our recyclables before going in the bin, particularly newspapers.

    Dog owners will find alternatives like newspaper sleeves and bread bags for their 'poop bags'.  .

    We can make it work…give it a try!

    1. Speaking of Sam’s Club, you

      Speaking of Sam's Club, you can buy a slightly stronger plastic bag there for about 2 cents a bag and bring your own bags when you shop.

      Or,,,,,,,,,,,, if the stores provide a paper bags without raising prices, you can be that part of Evanston that takes down 1 or 2 good size trees every day,

      Or,,,,,,,,,,, if the stores raise prices because paper bags cost about 5 times more than plastic bags and have fewer reusable uses, you can shop in Skokie or Wilmette and watch property taxes rise because of Evanston's large empty stores.


  3. How long before a few of these stores shut shop and leave?
    Corporate decisions are not made at the store level – if any of these retailers have stores here in Evanston that are marginal – it is likely the council action will close them. They want to spent more money to help the youth find jobs, when the help destroy jobs, very interesting.

    This council is truely a joke, having watch them for the past few years , they discuss the most useless topics and avoid and real topics, they continue to say almost nothing, never discuss the items on the agenda and past them on the consent agenda. They cover up their mistake and city staff.
    Finally when they screw they come up with an excuse, which shows their lack of honestly.

    One of my favorites is a council member during the capital budget discussions suggested he would help pick colors, even one of the other members, suggest we should be looking into the budget issues versus this nonsense.

    What a mess!

  4. small plastic bags for veggies?

    Will Whole Foods have to stop using the small plastic bags for veggies too? People use a ton of those. I often bring my own plastic or mesh bags for veggies but often forget.

  5. Another Solution from City Council in Search of a Problem

    It is hilarious that the City Council found time to tackle this issue instead of other more pressing problems facing Evanston.  Where was the public outcry to get rid of plastic bags?  From what I could tell, the only citizens who commented were against the ban.  In the meantime, the reports of daily gun violence and shootings keep coming.  This is one of the greatest achievements by the City Council since the nuclear weapon ban.  

    1. Let’s ban the plastic bags used every day by dog owners

      Maybe the aldermen should ban all the plastic bags that dog owners throw into the garbage every day! The dog owners could help the world be a better place by picking it up with bare hands. Soap (biodegradable of course) and water would clean up their hands no problem. Surely this would help save the world!

  6. Hung Bag

    Wonder which Committee hung the plastic bag to the tree branch. Looks like they should be fined. For damaging the tree.

  7. Plastic bags at dog beach

    The city provides black plastic bags at the dog beach

    will those be banned?

    1. Bag experts

      Is like to know what percentage plastic bags get recycled… Rarely do I see them in the recycle bin. Congrats Evanston for taking a stand against garbage.

      1. How did you mean this ?

        I can't tell from your statement if you are for or against putting plastic bags in re-cycle bins.

        My understanding from past comments by those handling recycle materials is they do NOT want plastic bags in the bins.  They damage their processing machines.

        I and another man in my building constantly have to remove plastic bags from our recycle bins.  When I go down alleys or stop to put cans/bottles I find on lawns and in gutters in those bins, the bins are full of plastic bags.

  8. Considering plight of city- silly issue to discuss

    My family & I recently relocated to Austria- renting our Evanston house.  I checked in to see what's up.  This council makes me LOL. In Austria, plastic bags or any bag for groceries are available only for a fee of 1€, roughly $1.50.  The result is that many people do end up bringing their own bags.  At shopping malls for things like clothes or home goods stores, there is no such fee.  The government does not regulate these things.  The stores decide, as they view bags as an expense that a customer should pay, or not depending on the store.  What is laughable to me is that Evanston is discussing this issue considering the crime in town- between shootings & thefts.  Surely, there are more pressing issues.  

    Instead of regulating bags to protect the environment, the Austrian government does provide a recycling program vastly superior to that offered by any US city.  On every corner almost everywhere are 5-6 different cans-one for paper, plastic, colored glass, white glass, foodstuffs, & restmull(landfill).  Coupled with education in schools on how to use these, the recycling covers it's own cost.  If Evanston wants to improve the environment , it should stop nickle and diming citizens on waste(such as this new regulation) & improve recycling city wide.  With smart business direction, the cost to citizens would be null.  Many Wisconsin cities actually turn profit on recycling(twin lakes, WI for example)

    Something else I like in Austria-paying a small fee for clean public toilets.  The city hires workers to man each toliet & the small change fee(50 cents each use)  covers this salary.  Not a glamorous job, but it is a job. Evanston beach houses are so gross in summer. Clean toilets are some good "environmental friendly" for all.  Prost.

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