The candidates for 6th Ward alderman in next month’s Evanston election talked about city finances and the long-dormant downtown tower condo project in a joint interview on a special edition of “The Reporters.”

“The Reporters” is produced by ECTV.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. The Reporter’s Forum

    I understand that this was about the 6th Ward candidates.  Why didn't Evanston Now report about the 1st Ward candidates? I understand Alderman Fiske refused to debate challenger Ed Tivador and Mr. Tivador showed up for the forum. Please do a story on Alderman Fiske's refusal to debate at The Reporter's Forum as well as her refusal to debate at the League of Women Voter's forum.


    Thank you.

  2. Food for thought for the inner workings of local politics

    Mark Tendam is hosting at his home a meet your candidate this month for D202 candidate Casey Miller who supports PEG and detracking freshmen honor courses.

    I guess one could call this political synergy, one candidate supports the other, or you could call it  a small elite group running to support and ram through unpopular and controversial school policies such detracking freshmen honor courses and PEG.

    Current D202 Board member and former EBSA president and pro-freshmen detracking Mark Metz reportedly recruited Casey Miller to run.

     Gretchen Livingston, running for a second D202 term, was college rooommates with Evanston alderman Jane Grover whose husband also was a former EBSA president. Grover held at her home a kickoff event to launch Livingston's campaign. Livingston voted to detrack freshmen honor courses and voted to fund PEG.

    Remember, Jane Grover told the D65 School Board in 2011 that she supports a new Fifth Ward School. Voters rejected a new Fifth Ward school that was supported and sponsored by many local politicians, school administrators, some school board members and Jan Schakowsky and Robyn Gabel that would have cost at least $28 million we don't have. I wonder if Tendam, Casey Miller or Livingston supported the new Fifth Ward school.

    If you recall, Grover supported the idea that EBSA could purchase the Evanston Recycling Center below market cost.

    Tendam's support for Casey Miller is all the more reason I will vote for Mark Sloane.

    1. I don’t know that Mark Tendam

      I don't know that Mark Tendam is necessarily supporting Casey Miller over other candidates. He also hosted a gathering for Gretchen and Doug Holt at Curt's Cafe. I think what they have in common is they all live in his ward. I am very anti-PEG and anti-detracking, but really, these conspiracy theories are sounding a little far-fetched. Am I the only one who thinks so?

      1. You are correct

        Anony Al is a big fan of conspiracy theories.  I, for one, am tired of hearing the same old thing from Jim, Jen and Jane. 

  3. Ald. Fiske’s refusal to discuss issues with opponent

    Let's add to the list that Alderman Fiske has ONCE AGAIN refused to enter into a public discussion with her opponent about 1st Ward issues. Ald. Fiske, and her opponent, Ed Tivador, were supposed to hold a discussion yesterday with first ward residents at Northwestern University.

    Once Ald. Fiske's campaign learned that the students had agreed to let any local media attend the event, Ald. Fiske declined to attend, less than three hours before the previously scheduled event.

    Why is she so unwilling to engage publicly with her opponent?

    What was she planning to say before a largely university student audience, that she is not willing to say to the rest of the Evanston community or her ward?

    Why was she unwilling to have the local media present – was she planning to say something to voters who are university students that she did not wish recorded?

    One wonders….

  4. First Ward race

    I have a theory why Alderman Fiske refuses to debate her opponent . Someone may ask her how many of her promises to citizens she has made during campaigns has she been able to get through council?

    She would have to say none. (Mather) and a multitude of others. That is assuming  that she would tell the truth.

    She has told so many lies during this campaign about her opponent that we could not trust any answer she would give. The answer is she has absolutely no credibility with the council!

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