Ah, spring: Time for yard waste stickers

Yard waste stickerSomething new this spring in Evanston — the city will start charging to pick up yard waste.

The plan adopted by the City Council goes into effect April 5, and offers residents three options for dealing with yard waste.


One option is to buy stickers for $1.75 each to attach to each paper yard waste bag or tree trimming bundle you put out for pick-up.

Stickers are now available for purchase at the City Collector’s Office located at 2100 Ridge Ave. as well as at all Evanston Whole Foods Markets, Dominick’s and Jewel stores.

The 30-gallon paper bags themselves are available at many area stores. Plastic bags won’t be collected, and the city plans to hit people with special pickup fees if bags are left out without the stickers more than 48 hours: $25 for up to three bags and $10 for every three additional bags.


Alternatively, residents can have an unlimited amount of yard waste collected from a wheeled cart for an annual fee of $25.

Residents can use existing city-supplied 95-gallon yard waste carts or buy one now from the city for $82.50 and skip the purchase of bags and stickers.

Yard waste cart order forms are available online and at the city collector’s office at 2100 Ridge Ave. Carts have a limited five year warranty that does not cover theft, abuse or negligence.

Yard waste fees are assessed annually and will appear on your water bill in July. Yard waste pickups continue on your regular refuse/recycling collection day beginning April 5 through Dec. 9. To ensure compliance with state laws, yard waste must be collected separately from the rest of household waste.


Residents can avoid either yard waste charge by composting and mulching on their own property. That also recycles the earth’s nutrients, saves money, and conserves vanishing landfill space. For further information on composting, call the Ecology Center at 847-448-8256. 

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