Updated 4:30 p.m.: City Clerk Rodney Greene now says Alderman Ann Rainey, 8th Ward, has dropped plans to try to keep challenger Thomas Just off the ballot in April’s Evanston municipal election.

Greene earlier today said Rainey had complained to him that the papers Just filed in support of his candidacy were not not properly bound and that he didn’t sign the petition forms as the circulator at the time he was seeking signatures, so she was planning to file a formal objection to Just’s candidacy.

But Greene now says Rainey plans to “let the voters decide” between her and Just, of 327 Sherman Ave., a broker with The Apartment People rental agency.

Greene says he has heard that there may be challenges as well to petitions filed by challengers in the 1st and 2nd wards, but that he’s received no formal complaints regardomg either of those two contests.

Any challenges would be heard by the city’s election board — which is composed of Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl, Greene and the longest-serving alderman, who is Rainey.

Candidates, or their supporters, have until next Thursday to file objections to the candidacy of anyone who’s filed papers to get on the city election ballot, and if objections are filed, a public hearing by the election board will be scheduled shortly after that.

A lottery to determine ballot positions for contested city and township races is scheduled for 7 p.m. next Thursday in the council chamber at the Civic Center.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. More Politcal corruption?

    Not bound properly? not signed when circulated? ( appears they were signed? )

    At a recent council Ann stated she did not understated how she created a lawsuit, ( the Mayor back up her statement , ofcourse the speakers have no use for the Mayor ) no she did not create the law suit, her statements which she made were in the lawsuit, that now aid the company filing the suit against the city. Ann appear to have try to change what the speakers said.

    It does not appear the person who filed these is doing anything wrong, Ann is just looking for a reason to kick him off the ballot. Unless there is more to this story, such as false signatures etc, this is just Ann thinking no one should run against her.

    Is Ann afraid?  Maybe the landlords will organize aganist her? 

  2. Right out of a Simpson’s episode

    This is so classic Ann Rainey.  That woman is really something else.   SHe should have her own sitcom.

    Good luck to Thomas Just.  I would very much like to donate to his campaign and Maybe provide him with some new paperclips that adhere to the standards of the Republic.  

      If anyone has information on where one can financially support the end of the reign of terror, please share.  Thx. 

    Let JUSTice prevail.

    1. Terror again?

      I'd like more details about this alleged "reign of terror."  What actions are involved?  Who is terrorized?

      Kindly provide details so that truth can prevail.  I've asked for this information in a previous post in response to a claim that 8th Ward constituents have been terrorized.  I'm hopeful that I get a response this time. 

      Any voter should consider the information that you have.  To consider that information as credible, you will need to provide some details.  Thank you.

      1. How do you correct a typo once it has been posted?

        Anonymous poster,

        When I first saw your post earlier today, the word prevail was spelled provail. But now that misspelling has been corrected in the post.

        How is it that you are able to correct typos after an item has been posted?  I don't seem to be able to do that. 

        Please enlighten us so that we, too, can correct typos in our postings after they are posted.  Will this question even be posted?  Thank you.


        1. Typos in comments


          Members of Evanston Now's editorial staff — in our limited spare time — occasionally correct typographical errors in comments.
          When it happens, it is often, but not always, because we already had opened a comment for editing to remove extra blank lines from the end of submitted comments, which many users seem to inadvertently create as they are editing their submissions. As publisher, I find those blank lines distracting to readers.
          We definitely do not have the time to copy edit all comments, so users need to take responsibility for the any errors in their own submissions.
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          There is no option for people posting anonymously to fix their own typos once a comment is submitted — since the content management system has no way to distinguish one anonymous poster from another when they return to the site.
          That is why we require users to "Preview" their comments before posting them — to give them a chance to edit.
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      2. Who Rainey terrorizes

        Who is terrorized?    Small businesses that Rainey feel are not good enough for her and her followers in the 8th ward.  Anyone outside of her ward who dares say that they want tax dollars used throughout other parts of Evanston.   Basically, anyone who has a opinion that differs from Rainey.  

        Some examples that come to mind

        1. Trying to shut down nail and hair salons on Howard street because she feels they are too trashy.  

        2. Trying to shut down a mini-mart on Howard street last year (don't know details, but remember reading that Rainey thought there was too much crime there)

        3.  Calling ethics committee to block Grover from having a vote in Sports complex, which ended up being one of the nails in the coffin of moving this project forward.   Whatever your feeling is about this indoor sporting area on Oakton, there was nothing unethical in Grover having a vote as she nor her husband would receive any personal financial benefit if the project moved forward.   WHat is so sad to me is that this sport complex would have been in the 8th ward. 

        4. Using her 8th ward website as a site of bullying to others in the city- For example, calling the volunteer board of the library something like a bunch of elitist arrogant jerks, or something to this tune.    She has written to many who have voiced against her opinion on various issues that they need to "stop drinking the koolaide."   This type of behavior is childish, and not fit for a leader of this educated town .  It's fine for her or anyone to disagree, but her vitrious language and behavior is rude and unneccessary.

        5.  $100,000 tax dollars to bring in GFS, even when GFS only actually asked for $60,000.  Rainey cares about tax dollars only so far as it affects her with little regard for the stability of the rest of town.

        6. Complaining vehemently against raising taxes, while simultaneously voicing that she personally needs to be paid more- and supporting increases in health benefits for herself.  

        7. Personally, I blame Rainey for the terrible division in our town over the branch libraries.  No matter what your feeling is about the libraries, Rainey showed absolutely no grace in dealing with this passionate issue. Quite the opposite, I felt embarrased to have a leader in our town behave in the way she did. 

        8. Rainey has not once voted in support of any program or project that helps middle class families in town- chandler newberger center, art center come to mind.  INstead, she votes to spend money bringing bars to town.  This does not represent my values.  

        I am ready for a change.   Looking forward to seeing Thomas Just platform and hopefully financially supporting him.  Rainey needs to go.  


        1. Not seeing or feeling the terror

          Thank you for that list.  But your quarrels with Ann Rainey lack important facts and certainly can't be described as a "reign of terror."

          For example, item 1:  she did NOT propose closing any nail or hair salons.  She wanted a zoning restriction to require future nail or hair salons to get a review by the City before they located in a small area of Howard Street.  It was City staff that added closing current salons and she stated publicly that she did not support that addition.  So no, she did not want to close any nail or hair salons.  No terror here.

          Item 2:  the mini-mart was on the Chicago side of Howard but it was requiring regular police support from Evanston cops.  That costs Evanston taxpayers money.  Ann Rainey's involvement was instrumental in changing this magnet for gang activity and related crime into a business that is now complying with Chicago's ordinance and does not need regular police support provided by us, the Evanston taxpayers.

          A Rogers Park neighborhood activist named Bernard Garbo said that the mini-mart had been fined at two previous hearings about ordinance violaions and police complaints, and that under CHICAGO's licensing rules, another decision against it could result in an order by the CITY OF CHICAGO closing it down  So no, it was not Ann Rainey crusading alone to close the Chicago store. 

          It was Chicago residents and Evanston residents who recognized the cost of allowing this crime magnet to operate as it was.  Based on that hearing that Ann and other residents attended, the store is now operating as much more of a good neighbor.  That has saved Evanston money and reduced crime in south Evanston.  Thanks to Ann and the Chicago and Evanston residents who insisted that the mini-mart comply with the law.  What a terrorizing idea, huh?

          Item 3:  many people did not want Alderman Grover voting on the sports complex given her husband's affiliation.  I thought that she should have voluntarily allowed others to make the decision as the appearance of impropriety/favorism was there.  The project seemed like a sweetheart deal for certain organizations to reap an enormous benefit from City-owner property.  I favor projects for children and young adults but the finances weren't right on that deal.  I don't see the terror here, either.

          This post is growing long so I will allow others to point out the other errors in your list and will add information as needed.

          I support Ann Rainey.  I do not agree with Alderman Rainey on every issue.  In fact, I have publicly disagreed with her on more than one occasion.  Despite your comments, I have lived to tell the tale and do not feel terrorized in any way. 

          I am impressed that Ann Rainey tirelessly advocates to improve Howard Street.  For example, she leads residents in attending court hearings for those charged with murder and other violent crimes on or near that street.  She organizes and walks in peaceful presence marches through the ward.  She works with the neighborhood watch groups in the ward to reduce crime.  Focusing on reducing crime on and near Howard Street benefits the many middle income families and individuals who live within walking distance of that street.

          Politics ain't beanbag and Ann will tell you what she thinks.  I respect that.  She asks for your opinion.  I also respect that.  So that addresses item 4.  She expresses her opinion on her website and asks for others to do the same.  It is a valuable source of information for many people in Evanston.  I don't see any terror on that website.  It's open to all so others can feel free to read it and reach their own conclusions.

          In case you are wondering, Ann is not my kin and she is not a social friend of mine.  I am just a resident of this city who recognizes the value of what she does for this city because I have actually watched what she does.

          1. Thank you for your thoughtful rebuttal

            i appreciate your thoughtful rebuttal

            i also support alderman rainey

            very respectfully

            manon kavesky

          2. Perhaps I need some of that Ann rainey Kool-Aid then

            Ann Rainey may ask for opinions, but I wholeheartedly disagree that she respects them or even answers back with any level of decency.    Perhaps you haven't feel terrorized by her comments, but I can assure you that many have been ridiculed and insulted on her website.

            From what I read on evanstonnow, Ann Rainey was looking to change zoning of hair and nail salons, which would have effect in as little as two years to stop existing businesses. 

            And sweetheart deal for certain organizations? Meaning AYSO and Evanston baseball organizations?  Those kids in town really expect too much, don't they!?  We'd rather give the tax money to build out bars and theaters on Howard street because you know bars help reduce crime, right. 

            Ann even proposing that her challenger get kicked off the ballot is another example of this terror. At least she showed a shred of class by pulling back on this.

            It's time for change.

          3. On the facts, not “reign” and not “terror”

            On Ann Rainey's website:  let the public decide.  It's open to all to view and you are the only one posting that some have felt terrorized.  I haven't felt that way so thus far, it's one (you) versus one (me) on this conclusion.  I'm glad to let others weigh in and reach their own conclusions on what is actually posted there.

            On changing the zoning:  yes, Ann Rainey advocated to change the zoning so that future nail and hair salons would be subject to City review.  But Ann Rainey wanted the current nail and hair salons to be grandfathered.  It was not her idea to close a SINGLE business.  Staff added that two year closing issue and she opposed it.  Perhaps it is city staff that is terrorizing residents then?

            On sweetheart deals:  there are hundreds of not-for-profit organizations operating in Evanston.  I am not saying that those who wanted the former recycling center are in some way not deserving.  But hundreds of other not-for-profits in this city are also deserving.  Should we basically give a valuable city asset to two of them when one of those organizations is closely affiliated with the spouse of an alderman?  Avoiding the appearance of impropriety/favoritism is laudable.  Importantly, the financial deal was not right and so said a majority of the alderman.  No one is attacking AYSO or the baseball/softball folks.  Kudos to them for the fine work that they do.  My family has been involved with one of them so I am familiar with their many contributions.  But I still didn't favor what appeared to many to be a sweetheart deal for a select few.  The majority of the alderman agreed that the deal was not right.  No terror.

            Yes, a well-run business that brings law-abiding patrons to an area can help reduce crime.  It increases car and foot traffic.  A wine bar can be that well-run business bringing law-abiding patrons to the area.  Again, it's not an "open to 4 a.m." tavern with scantily-clad waitstresses.  In my limited experience, patrons don't typically go to a wine bar "to get hammered" so that they can wander into the street to brawl, rob people, smash windows or buy drugs.  An upscale clientele on the east end of Howard Street?  Yes.  Really.

            Have you been to the Eighth Ward wine bar by the way?  It's lovely with nicely-presented food and beverages.  Contrary to the naysayers, something nice can exist on the east end of Evanston and can succeeed as a business, thereby improving the entire neighborhood.

            Have you looked at the daily crime reports for that section of Howard Street since the wine bar opened earlier this month?  I just did and there has been no increase in crime in the block or nearby.  Has World of Beers increased the crime in downtown Evanston?  Is there outrage that World of Beers might contribute to crime in downtown Evanston because it serves lots of beer?  I expect that the police chief would have informed the City Council if that has been happening.

            Are you advocating that the City make it illegal for a business to serve alcohol in Evanston because such establishments do not reduce crime and may actually increase crime?  I'd like to know how far you want to take your values-based campaign against the terror of those who support locating any such establishments in Evanston.  Does candidate Just support this idea?  Are you prepared to post about the terror inflicted by the other alderman who voted for the wine bar and for World of Beers? 

            You also objected to Ann Rainey's involvement in trying to get a Chicago mini-mart on Howard Street to comply with the law.  Bars that contribute to crime also come under the City's microscope and can be dealt with.  Would you likewise object to an alderman advocating that a bar be closed because it is contributing to crime?  It doesn't sound like you would object to that.

            There are rules about running for office.  When a candidate does not follow those minimal requirements, anyone (including another candidate) has the legal right to challenge that candidate's place on the ballot.  It's called democracy, not terror.  And as you note, Ann Rainey never filed a challenge and elected not to pursue one, even though she may have had grounds to challenge.  You should count that as a positive for her, right?  She is allowing the other candidate to remain on the ballot so that the voters can decide.  An example of her NOT terrorizing her constituents, under your definition.

            Any candidate who cannot comply or refuses to comply with the minimal requirements for running for office does not deserve that office as holding government office requires attention to deal.  See others who have posted on this website, stating the same thing about a candidate who failed to comply with the requirements to run for D65.  Would you likewise support someone who wanted to vote on election day but failed to register?  If you don't like the election laws, get them changed.  It is not valid to claim that it an act of terror to challenge candidates who fail to comply with the law when the law confers that very right. 

            It's facts that should cause voters to select a particular candidate.  Based on the facts presented thus far, your so-called "reign of terror" is neither a reign nor is it terror.  It's easy to interject slogans but facts are the needed substance to backk up that slogan. 

            Let's move on to what candidate Just is advocating.  Tomorrow is January and the election is about three months away so that information can't be provided soon enough. 


          4. Wine and Cheese Bar versus a Youth Sport complex?

            Why should the public money be used for a Wine and Cheese Bar versus a youth sport complex?

            As I have stated the city funds built this Wine Cheese bar 100%- maybe you can explain to us the logic of taxpayers and city staff creating a Wine and Cheese Bar, versus no staff interest or involved in creating a youth sport complex? Wally wanted to sell the land, it looked like a big loss to me, a very poor deal of economic development.

            The politics of the recycling center are interesting, given it is now being used as a junk storage building for the city. 

            ( Grover is my alderperson )  I think Alderperson Grover did have a conflict of interest in the youth complex since her husband was on the board and presented to council, I have told her that I believed she had a conflict of interest.  The night her husband spoke I mentioned it to him, he should have told the council that up front he was her husband, Grover then mentioned later in the evening. Ofcourse conflict of interest, aside does not mean much other than she should not vote on the item. It is my understanding her husband is a volunteer position for the group and recieved no compensation, so the issue of conflict interest while I believe it exists, does not provide the Alderperson Grover or her husband any finanical benefit.

            Conflicts of interest, may or may not have any criminal intent, but the look of a problem, another council member such as Burrus who is an employee of NU, who serve two master's ( paid by both the city and NU ) clearly has bigger issues than Grover, given the recent deals with NU, yet I have not heard Ann Rainey say anything about her. In Burrus's case how can she effectively ask NU for more money on a deal when she is an employee of NU? So how does she represent the taxpayers interest of Evanston?

            I think the youth sport group did not do a good job in selling the public on this complex, its benefits and costs to the taxpayers.  As  taxpayer I am not opposed to spending money, I believe a youth sport facility has far greater value than a Wine and Cheese Bar, if you think other wise you need to tell us who you are,  as you one of Ann's 8th ward quick topic buddies.

          5. Tif money was allocated to

            Tif money was allocated to fund the project. Just to clarify. Tax money none the less, but money the city is not on the hook for. 

        2. More “no reign of terror” observations

          Item 6:  yes, Ann Rainey advocates that we consider the tax burden of projects.  She spends considerable time discussing and considering the tax burden imposed by every proposal.  And yes, for the service that she provides, she is underpaid.  Other alderman also recently noted that being an alderman here is not a part-time job.  Only two alderman voted against the recent 2 percent pay raise for 2013.  Are those alderman who voted in favor of the 2 percent raisee also engaged in a reign of terror?

          In a weak mayor system, much of the work falls to the alderman.  I do not agree that Evanston alderman should be paid based on a comparison to City of Chicago alderman.  But I do think that occasional cost of living increases are reasonable.  Do you advocate that City of Evanston alderman should be volunteers?  Let's see the quality of candidates when an alderman need to spend 30-35 hours per week gratis on City-related business.

          Item 7:  blaming Ann Rainey for the division created 2-1/2 years ago for the branch library closing debate is patently ridiculous.  I was personally shocked by the hurtful language used by those who organized to keep the branch libraries open.  I was torn on the issue but the vitriole of those advocates turned me off so completely that I decided that I could not associate myself with such divisiveness. 

          Faced with the choice of reducing police and fire response time (remember, a fire station in south Evanston was closed for a time?), many people recognized the difficult choice that needed to be made.  If you would like to compare statements made by those advocates to statements made by Ann Rainey, please feel free to begin the posting and people can decide who was most at fault for the divisiveness.

          You do know that the idea of closing the branch libraries came from public meetings held in 2009?  Here's an article that refers to that fact:

          Item 8:  in the recent past, Ann Rainey voted to support the Eighth Ward Wine Bar on Howard Street and the World of Beers in downtown Evanston.  The wine bar is part of a larger effort to redevelop Howard Street so that it can fulfill its potential to be a major tax generator for the City of Evanston.

          The financial arrangements for the wine bar are well documented.  See the article provided below.  As the article notes, the price paid by the City is almost covered in full by the repayment that needs to be made.  How does that compare to about $2 million spent on a parking lot for another food store?  Are you objecting to that $2 million subsidy as part of someone's reign of terror? 

          Only one alderman voted against the financial arrangements for the wine bar and he only objected to portions of it.  Are you accusing all of the alderman of engaging in a "reign of terror"?

          You may not agree with this expenditure but can you really call it part of a "reign of terror"?

          And have you seen the positive buzz (including New Year's Eve offerings) by the wine bar?  For a very small investment (especially when compared to a $2 million parking lot), we could be seeing a renaissance on the east end of Howard Street that can bring increased tax revenue from this diamond-in-the-rough business district.  No terror there.  Why not give it a try and enjoy the fine food and non-alcoholic beverages (as I do, on occasion, when enjoying an evening out)?  It's not a tavern with football on big-screen TVs and skimpily-clad waitresses.  Instead, it is a tastful place to enjoy an evening out with or without alcohol.  I think that your values will be more than respected there.

          I don't know of any other occasion in the recent past that qualifies as Ann Rainey voting to "spend money bringing bars to town."

          On the World of Beers, that liquor license was approved unanimously by the City alderman. I did not find any city money approved for this project.  See the article provided below.  Are you accusing all alderman of going on a campaign of terror by unanimously approving a liquor license for World of Beer?

          Once again, the facts do not support your assertion that Ann Rainey has engaged in a reign of terror.

          1. Wine and Cheese Bar a loser for the city

            Bill did a good job covering this story intially, its clear more money was spent, I estimate the City put over $700,000 of taxpayer money in the Wine and Cheese Bar.

            Also the the tenant appear to have put little of their own money into this business.

            I also estimate this is a net loss to the taxpayers of over $250,000 over the next several years and the construction period. This project is a no win deal for the city.( that is if the tenant buys the building and pays the loans from the city, ofcourse I have not even done the analysis for this, since the rent is credit back to the buying price, so the loss is even greater than the $250,000) 

            If the business fails, while it has had some positive press which is nice, does not mean in even year or two it will still be there, the City loses $700,000 plus all the costs to clean up the mess, which might be a couple hundred more, then who again will be counting? ( not Ann, that will be for sure )

            Your claim Ann does her finanical homework, if its not a project she supports she will attack it, if its in her interest like the Wine and Cheese Bar, it works regardless if it does or not.

            The Wine and Cheese Bar is part of a troubling and screwed up economic development program, other council members have pushed their project through, wasting our money, Ann is not alone in the waste.

            Few numbers now appear available for the theater project, but I suspect if you add the two together it will approach the 2 million dollars, with Trader Joes, we have a major corporation that will generate revenue, both of these projects are negative, they are losers.  They will not change Howard street, while they make Ann's few residents who talk to her on quicktopic happy, they do nothing for the taxpayers.

          2. Aldermen overpaid compared to simliar cities

            Aldermen in comparable cities make substantially less than what our alderman make.

            This is the problem with Rainey (and other curent aldermen)- They think that government know best how to spend money to bring on economic development. In doing so, they take on an unneccessary amount of work, for which they expect to be paid more.  Instead, if they behaved like aldermen in  the other towns in this article ( Skokie and Arlington Heights) and put more money into infrastructure/public works, they could work less and the town would actually provide better service for it's citizens..   Skokie and Arlington Heights both pay less taxes than us (27% less and 60% less respectively) and receive superior services in almost every way- roads, sidewalk, libraries, public parks, recreation. Yes, we have a university/hospital that doesn't pay taxes, but Evanston also has much more expensive houses that help support a higher tax base too.

            8th ward residents wouldn't have to call on Rainey to do so much if we put more money back into actual services for residents instead of trying to act like a bank.

            To be fair, Alderman Wilson is the only person on council who appears to understand this, so I'd say it's time for a big change on council all around.

            Rainey is just the most hypocritical with tax spending- shutting down most projects outside her ward or those that don't cater to her interests (kid sports complex) because she says Evanston is not doing well financially, while simultaneously taking the most financial risk within her ward- and then of course complaining that she personally needs to be paid more while similtanously saying that taxes need to be kept in check.   She reminds me of the pig in animal farm.

        3. Wondering

          I just wonder…are you a resident of the 8th ward? 

          I ask because it seems to me that Alderman Rainey's most vocal critics seem to be people from other wards  who are upset because Ann is a little too uppity about advancing  the interests of her ward,  instead of focusing on truly 'important' issues like protecting the branch libraries.

            What kind of constituent service can 8th ward residents expect from Mr. Just?  I don't know…but he works for "The Apartment People"…and I'm not impressed by their reviews on yelp.

          I am not a resident of the 8th ward.  I wish that we had Ann Rainey in the 1st, instead of Judy Fiske.

      3. A perspective on Ann Rainey

        I've known Ann Rainey for 15 years and admire her dedication to the 8th Ward and the City. She is very knowledgeable about what's going on throughout the City and she does her homework. She spends more time than any other Council member preparing for meetings and she does an exceptional job on constituent support.

        Those who know her have also often seen her be vindictive, mean-spirited and hostile. She once called an aldermanic opponent a "Nazi." She is very effective for those she supports and miserable towards most everyone else.

        1. Rainey

          Ann Rainey is one of the hardest working, diligent, council members. To those who are "offended" by her, it is because she does not agree with their views. She has a probkem ward and she is trying to improve it. Howard Street is part of that problem, and half of it is in Chicago. Too bad we do not have more Council mebers like her. BTW I am not in her ward.

  3. Ann gets my Vote!

    Ann Rainey works tirelessly for her constituents.  All you have to do is email her with an issue and she addresses it immediately.  I've never heard of Thomas Just, a real estate broker…not so sure I trust those guys.  Aren't they a large contributor to the housing market bust?  Just sayin!  

    1. Real estate agents had nothing to do with housing bubble

      Real estate agents are only middle men between buyers and sellers in a real estate transaction. They had literally nothing to do with the housing bubble. 

      The housing bubble was caused by many variables, but real estate brokers are not one of them. In simple terms, the housing bubble was created by a flow of cheap credit into the markets. Buyers who otherwise would not have been finanially able to take out huge loans, were able to take out big morgages. The federal government, lead by Bush at the time, encouraged homeownership, by providing federally backed mortgages to even the poorest of folk. 

      Personally, I think it would be refreshing to have a business person in office instead of a career-politician type like Rainey. Rainey may respond to small problems like potholes, street signs, or graffiti in a fast fashion, but her reckless spending of city money also leads to increased taxes/reduction in services for all of us.

      Rainey favors giving out loans/grants to private businesss as she believes this will grow the economy. However, no one, including Rainey- the longest serving of them all, has actually kept any record if these "investments" work. Considering our taxes are up 11% in two years, our garbage collection fees are up, our water rates are up, and our services keep getting cut, I'd say that they are not working well. If government would stop giving out tax money in this fashion, Evanston could probably hire more streets/sanitation workers to do more actual work for the residents of the city and keep taxes in check- Leading you to not have to complain in the first place.  

      Now,  residents have to go to Rainey to figure out problems, because the budgets for actual services keep getting slashed.  

      A business person would understand this better than Rainey.

      1. Don’t agree

        To say that agents had nothing to do with the bubble is not really true. I remember my agent pushing a house that was clearly not within my means. I was smart enough not to put myself underwater, but that didn't stop them from trying. Agents get paid for the what they sell and  they did take advantage of the easy money.

        I'm not saying that this particular agent engaged in that type of practice, but I assure you there were a lot of agencies that did. And they clearly knew what the end results were going to be for the people they help put underwater.

        1. Disagree with this logic

          Who is to blame when people take on too much debt?  The people who took on the debt, the banks who gave them the money in the first place, or the people who helped facilitate the spending?

          Real estate agents, like all salesmen, profitted from the housing bubble — but to blame them is akin to blaming shop owners when people max out their credit cards.

          I really don't know anything about Thomas Just yet — but I don't see his being a real estate agent being a pro or a con.  It's just his job.  What is Ann Rainey's job experience outside of being the longest serving alderman?

      2. I agree

        I agree with almost everything you wrote except for "The federal government, lead by Bush at the time, encouraged homeownership, by providing federally backed mortgages to even the poorest of folk.."

         This was started by the Clinton administration.

        1. Stand corrected

          yes, thanks.  You're right.   It's also not a left-right issue. Both parties encouraged homeownership.


    2. Just Sayin’

      And I am just saying… if you have never heard of Thomas Just, then refrain from negatively commenting on him.

      Just saying – just have some class please. 

  4. Thomas Just

    Good Luck to him.  I do not live in his ward but I think it is time for a change in the 8th.

  5. Additional example of Terror Rainey

    Owners of small businesses "she" personally doesn't like are terrorized with unnecessary inspections and bogus fines.

    They have to spend hard earned dollars contesting her initiated harassing visits and time away from their business and customers dealing with her antics.

    She is such a terrorist that she tells them to get out of her ward or she will make them get out. Sounds like bullying to me? Told to me from business owners that were requesting signatures for petitions to justify and protect their businesses against her. Evanston's own bully- Rainey, ugh!!!

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