Aldermen to get update on big-ticket items


Evanston's City Council holds a special meeting tonight to get updates on capital spending plans and a potential new revenue source.

City staff have provided no detail in advance in the council packet on either the capital improvement project list or a scheduled update on the city's effort to sell water to additional communities.

Nor is there any advance information about another agenda item — an update report on the city's commrcial solid waste franchise agreement.

But there's at least a bit of information available on another item — a scheduled report on how much snow removal operations cost last winter.

While the full report isn't included with the packet — two individual items are.

One is a request to approve up to $225,000 in additional spending to repair roads damaged by the frigid weather. The other is a request to approve $41,625 in emergency expenses run up to rent trucks to haul snow during a week of frequent storms in February.

While expanded water sales are seen as a possible major new revenue stream for the city, the project also would involve large capital expenditures, which have raised fears about whether the concept would actually make financial sense.

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