Aldermen vote for housing task force

Evanston aldermen Monday voted to establish a task force to develop a comprehensive plan to deal with affordable housing issues in the city.

The task-force proposal was offered by Alderman Edmund Moran, 6th Ward, in response to a report by the city’s Housing Commission.

The commisson report, drafted this spring but generally ignoring the turmoil in the housing market since the end of 2006, said that despite the city’s efforts to provide more affordable housing, the proportion of rental and owner-occupied housing in Evanston affordable to moderate income families has declined during this decade.

The composition of the task force and details about its goals were not included in the motion adopted 8-0 by the council’s Planning and Development Committee.

The aldermen also voted Monday to approve spending an additional $15,000 on top of the $99,500 already approved to fund rehab of a single-family home at 2212 Washington St. by the Citizens Lighthouse community Land Trust.

Alderman Elizabeth Tisdahl, 7th Ward, said, "I will vote for this, because we’ve sunk a lot of money into it, and sinking a little more is the correct thing to do. But I’m concerned that in the future we should get more bang for our bucks and be able to help more people."

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