Evanston police say an officer shot and wounded a 17-year-old youth near the intersection of Church Street and Dodge Avenue Friday night after seeing him him shooting at a car.

Cmdr. James Pickett says two officers on routine patrol travelling northbound on Dodge at 8:14 p.m. saw the gunman fire several shots from a handgun at a car driving westbound in the alley just north of the intersection.

Pickett says that as the officers tried to stop their patrol car it slid on the icy street and hit a fixed object, but the officers were not hurt.

They then chased the subject on foot northbound in the alley east of Dodge. When they caught up with him, Pickett says, he refused to comply with their demands and one of the officers discharged his service pistol, striking the youth in his left shoulder.

The 17-year-old is reported in stable condition at Evanston North Shore Hospital, and police say a handgun he apparently used was located at the scene.

The state police integrity unit has been called in to investigate the shooting.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Shooting

    While not shocking, this is outrageous.  This is the 4th shooting within a block of the high school since school started last fall.  Two of those shootings resulted in homicides.  This, however, is the first of these incidents in which students (and other community members) were present, as there was a swim meet and a basketball game going on at the school at the time of the shooting.  As a parent I can’t help but dread the inevitable day when an innocent student will end up in the line of fire.  I also can’t help but assume these weapons are present in the school building as well.  What can be done?

    1. What can be done?

      Susy- You are correct. This is the fourth shooting in approximatey 6 months in or around that area and one of countless others over the years. But don’t you or anyone else worry. The city plans to spend 14 million dollars to "improve" the area with trees, park benches, and even new brick paved sidewalks! The idea is to beautify the area with the hopes that crime will be reduced. Just wait you’ll see. The good news is, even if the shootings don’t stop, it will make a prettier location to string up the crime scene tape.

      1. What can be done

        If you review your psychology book and read up on studies, you will find that beauty in the environment does indeed reduce the incidence of crime in the surroundings.  More to the point, how does a 17-year-old obtain a gun?

        1. A 17 year old obtains a gun

          A 17 year old obtains a gun illegally.

          To become a legal gun owner, I had to file for (and pay for) a Firearm Owner’s IDentication card (FOID) which included a background check and a photo sent to Springfield.  After I got my FOID, I had to present it to the gun store where I purchased my firearm, go through (and pay for) another background check, and after purchasing the gun, wait at least 72 hours before I could pick up my purchase.

          We have excessive gun laws in the Illinois law books (Illinois is the only state with a FOID) compared to other states.  We don’t need any more laws.   Criminals don’t obey gun laws, only law-abiding citizens do.

  2.  Why doesn’t Evanston have an

     Why doesn’t Evanston have an anit-gang/drug loitering ordinance as does Chicago. There is CLEARLY a gang a drug problem in Evanston. If we want our streets to be safer, than we need to give the police more tools to protect the citizens. Drive through the area of the shooting any time of any day, and there are young men hanging out, on phones, and pacing the sidewalks. Why aren’t they in school? Why aren’t they working? Because they’re gang-banging, selling drugs and waiting to shoot at someone. Enough of this "not in Evansotn" nonsense. It’s a real city with real urban problems. Let’s acknowledge that and act. That’s one thing that can be done.

    1. An idea

      I think police foot patrols should be emphasized. Driving slowly around town in a warm, cozy police cruiser is far too comfortable…..they just tend to stay inside the car when given the opportunity. And plus, you hear/see/notice things on foot that you’d never hear/see/notice from that warm, cozy police cruiser. They might also strike up a pleasant conversation with a civilian once in a while. Improve neighborhood relations while you’re at it.

      Also required: give them good (modern-day) walking/trekking footwear, thermal gear, communications, semi-auto tactical carbines like all Americans are able to keep & bear…..and track their routes through the city with GPS. They’re fighting a war of sorts, so why not give them the same technology/capabities that their opponent is using?

  3. Devils Advocate.

    I agree that this is ridiculous, stunningly so. But let’s think about something for a second. 
    1) We want more police, but no pensions. 
    2) We want more police, but in a chart that residents were able to place stickers next to what they thought the relevancy of the city department’s were, police and fire protection were pretty far down on the list. (I’m unable to find the chart in the history)
    We can’t have it both ways. We say we don’t need more police and fire, let’s make cuts and fire some of them, but when things like this happen, or your house catches on fire and the fire dept. comes and saves your lives all the sudden we forget that we said negative things about them. We DO have a problem with shootings and people selling drugs like they were Snickers Bars in stores, but if we want something done about it we can’t complain when the city hires more police or firemen.
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