An update from the Evanston Now newsroom


Evanston Now begins its 15th year of delivering the news to Evanstonians this week.

I suspect none of us would have anticipated 14 years ago that we would be spending this spring sheltering in place.

The streets of Evanston may be largely deserted, but our gardens are starting to flower, offering promise of better times ahead.

To get through this time of pandemic, local news is more important than ever — as shown by a huge increase in visits to Evanston Now this month compared to the same month a year ago.

We’ve created a landing page for our COVID-19 coverage and have published more than 80 coronavirus-related stories this month.

Thank you to all our long-time subscribers who’ve helped sustain our news gathering efforts in recent years.

And welcome to all the new subscribers who’ve joined in recent days as the crisis has begun to hit home.

With many businesses shut down or cutting back on advertising, reader support is more important than ever so we can keep delivering the news to you.

If you haven’t done so already, please consider becoming a subscriber now.


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