Another couple inches of snow on the way


More snow is heading Evanston's way — and — with warmer temperatures — this time it's expected to be the wet, heavy kind.

Evanston's Assistant Public Works Director James Maiworm says he's scheduled crews overnight, anticipating that the snow wil lstart by late evening and be over by around 10 a.m. Saturday with a total accumulation of about two inches.

As usual the initial focus will be on main roads, but Maiworm says he hopes to have all residential streets cleared by 7 p.m. Saturday. As of now he's not expecting the storm will require imposing any parking restrictions.

The National Weather Service says the wet and heavy snow will be hard to shovel, so residents need to use extra caution while shoveling.

Areas further south in the metro area are expected to get up to five inches of snow from the storm, so the impact on road conditions is expected to be more severe there.

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