Another frigid weather power failure


Evanston police are knocking on doors on Chicago and Hinman avenues between Main and Kedzie streets at this hour to tell residents that a power problem on their block is going to force ComEd to shut off their power to make repairs this evening.

Power is expected to be out for a couple of hours as a result of the problem. Nearly 300 customers are affected by the situation, which impacts businesses as well as residents of several mid- and high-rise buildings on the block.

Otherwise, weather-related problems seem to have diminished today as temperatures have warmed to the zero degree mark. Light snow has been falling in Evanston, but it’s expected to total no more than two inches by the time the storm is over.

Update 5:45 a.m. 2/1/19: ComEd this morning reports that most of the customers affected by last night’s blackout have their power restored — but 83 are still in the dark — with restoration expected for them by about 7 a.m.

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