Another week of declining COVID numbers at NU

The school's case rate per 10,000 population was a third lower than the rate for Evanston.

COVID-19 cases reported at Northwestern University fell to 25 this week compared to 28 the previous week.

The cases this week affected 19 undergraduate students, one other student, three staff members and two faculty members.

The school says that over the seven-day period ending Wednesday it conducted 9,378 tests for the disease, up from 9,030 in the previous period. The positive rate this week was 0.31% compared to 0.27% the week before.

NU says it has conducted a total of 124,298 tests since Aug 20.

The COVID cases reported by the university are included in the City of Evanston’s case counts if, and only if, the person involved lives in Evanston.

To look at the data another way, NU, with about 30,800 students, faculty and staff, had 8.1 cases per 10,000 population in the most recent period, compared to a rate of 9.2 the previous week.

Evanston during the same period had 91 cases among its 75,000 residents, or 12.1 cases per 10,000 population, compared to a rate of 8.8 the previous week.

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