A group of Evanston voters who share a disdain for President Trump held its third meeting today at Curt’s South on Dempster Street to share ideas for making its positions known in the new administration.

Some of its issues are local (how to support the District 65 school referendum), some are statewide (how to elect a Democrat to succeed Bruce Rauner as governor), but most are national (how to defeat many of the policies and appointees of President Trump).

The meeting began today with several members telling of websites they had found that contribute ideas that many of the members embrace, such as SwingLeft.org, TheVerge.com, and indivisible.us.

The Evanston group is one of many similar citizens groups that have sprung up around the country since the November 8 presidential election that are copying techniques that were successfully utilized by The Tea Party that swung the Congress from the Democrats to the Republicans.


Only these groups are  hopeful that they can reverse the process and install a Democrat-controlled Congress in the 2018 elections.

The group broke into small discussion groups to decide what, if anything, its members can do about the issues they identify.

One focussed on ways to support the District 65 school referendum in the upcoming April election, while another discussed ways to elect more Democrats in Washington and Springfield, while still another dealt with environmental issues that could get short shrift in the Trump administration.

A fourth group explored ways they could bring more civics instruction into Evanston and the nation’s public schools in hopes that they might be able to help build a more intelligent electorate.

To a complaint by one member that she had difficulty getting through to members of Congress on the telephone, another member expressed the view that that was a good sign.

“If you can’t get through,” he said, “that is an indication that the congressman is being flooded with calls, which is good.”

Another member said that when she called a senator from another state, the staff member who answered the phone asked her for her zip code.

“My zip code is USA,” she said she told him.

Because Evanston’s representatives in Congress are Democrats and probably already support the same issues as the group’s members, another person said it is okay to call an official from another district or state.

“We need to exert constant pressure, to let them know we’re paying attention,” he said.

The group’s leader, former District 65 magnet school teacher Vikki Proctor, will select another time and venue for the next meeting and will alert the members by email, she said.

Update on Feb. 1: 

Proctor announced that the next two meetings of the group will be on Feb. 15 and 18, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the original Curt’s Cafe, 2922 Central St.

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  1. makes sense for evanston
    Illinois State on the verge of financial collapse, dysfunctional state government lead by democrats, stagnant job growth, 1.6 2017 gdp, residents leaving in record numbers, violent gang crime in chicago at record numbers and these people meet to undermine the new leadership. Nice play. By the way you’re losing.

      1. Not losing

        If you are a worker who is a US citizen (gasp), then you’re not a losing with this administration.

    1. Yet they took up enough of
      Yet they took up enough of your interest to compel you to make a disparaging comment. If the goal is spreading the word, then I wouldn’t say they are losing at all. I wouldn’t call it a new leadership, unless a stagnated statehouse and an executive office that is underdergoing democratic boycott is what you consider to be leading.

  2. Response to Curt’s Cafe Meeting

    We are a group of concerned citizens taking positive actions to improve the lives of all. Most of us have been politically active throughout our lives but, with the challenges faced in our state and country, we feel a responsibility to be more  involved. 

    1. Not ALL
      I do not agree with your “positive actions” since they are making my life more difficult so your loft ideals of improving the lives of all is a joke. Ever hear of a ripple effect?

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