Susanne Atanus of Niles has won the right to challenge incumbent Jan Schakowsky of Evanston for the 9th District U.S. House seat.

Atanus defeated David Earl Williams III, winning 52.4 percent of the vote.

Both Republican contenders faced controversy during the campaign.

State party officials asked Atanus to withdraw after she told the Daily Herald that this year’s bitter winter weather is a sign God is angry over abortions and same-sex marriage.

Williams also faced controversy after Evanston Now reported that a judge in Washington, D.C. had issued a domestic violence protection order against him after concluding he had stalked his former girlfriend. Williams said there was no truth to the woman’s claims.

The dual controversies led the newspaper to not make an endorsement in the primary.

Schakowsky, 69, has held the the 9th District seat since 1999. Considered one of the most liberal members of Congress, she ran unopposed in the Democratic primary. She has won re-election with 66 percent of the vote in her last two races.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Schakowsky will win

    Schakowsky has finally found an opponent that is less qualified than her and she will surely win. I guess we will be stuck with her for another two years unless the voters of Illinois District 9 wise up to her.

    1. Learning Curve?

      Clover: Explain how voters are supposed to "wise up" to Rep. Schakowsky when the Republican party lets an un-muzzled, quasi-LaRouchie candidate win the primary?

      My hope is that Atanus gets enough press to pull the rest of the Illinois GOP candidates down the drain with her.

      1. Wise up?

        Wise up?  In an IL primary the Democrat strategy is to pull Republican tickets and vote for the most unlikely to win Republican challengers to face off against come general elections.

        I had been repeatedly solicited to exercise this strategy, especially Dillard vs Rauner in this primary.

        In the case of Schakowsky her real opponet should have been David Williams.  An Evanston born, pro life, anti bailout, anti NSA spying, Obama voting, navy vetern moderate.  

        Very centrist, he would have forced Schakowsky to debate and may well have presented an alternative to Jan.  Jan and her Jan fans can't have that.

        While Schakowsky is entrenched and would win either way, outlier Atanus allows her to not even consider having a conversation, Jan can virtually ignore Atanus, virtually ignore debate, in essence, virtually ignore the election, and by extension, the voters.  That is the real disservice here.

        Just so we all "wise up", the Republican party did not endorse Atanus, I believe even requested she not run.  It isn't the republican party allowing an "unmuzzled" Atanus to win, it's the virtual "muzzling" of honest opposition by the democrat machine strategist that I find most troubling. 

  2. Thank God

    Thank God for airheads and dingbats; they are entertaining and show us what religious conservatives are really like.  Sort of a female Fred Phelps. Hallelujah!

    1. Illinois Democrats are corrupt to the core

      Your dingbat airhead graduated from Northwestern University and worked for 18 years as a contracting officer and purchasing agent at the U. S. General Services Administration Federal Supply Service.

      In other words, Atanus graduated from a liberal university located in a liberal town and worked for the government for almost two decades. Hardly the resume of a Tea partier. No doubt Atanus is a first degree loon. It wouldn't surprise me if she is a Democrat plant. 

      Atanus won because unions and Democrats crossed over to vote for Kirk Dillard and Atanus.

      The Illinois GOP neither endorsed or supported Atanus and called for her to withdraw. That's a lot more than what Illinois Democrats have done to many of their problem candidates..

      Illinois Democrats were mum when Roland Burris admitted he tried to buy the senate seat Gov. Quinn gave him or when Jesse Jackson Jr. disappeared for months while in office and under federal investigation for fraud.

      Let's not forget how Illinois Democrats said nothing during the primaries when state rep Derrick Smith, running against Tom Swiss, was caught and arrested for taking a bribe. Smith accepted $7,000 bribe in exchange for endorsing a state grant for a daycare. The Democratic party supported Smith after his arrest. Democrat House Speaker Michael Madigan's political committee provided more than $60,000 to Smith's campaign after his arrest!

      The Illinois Democratic party was all crickets when former Chicago city alderman Isaac 'Ike' Carothers, a Democrat who spent 28 months in prison for taking bribes, announced he was running for commissioner of the Cook County board, among the most powerful positions in the Chicago metropolitan area.

      State Representative La Shawn K. Ford is running for re-election – unopposed – despite facing a criminal trial on bank fraud charges stemming from his business activities before he ran for office in 2006. He was indicted in late 2012. What does the Illinois Democrat party say about that?

      chirp, chirp, chirp.

      It's unfortunate the Democratic party in Chicago and Cook County rule without political competition. We are all losers.


    2. For the Record


      Thank you for the crassest low-life remark I have ever seen on Evanston Now. You are like water and you found it.

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