Evanston’s Human Service Committee is scheduled Wednesday to approve plans for a management audit of Evanston Township operations.

Members of the town board, who also serve as city aldermen, told the City Manager last spring to develop plans for the study.

City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz has estimated the city could perform all of the township’s existing services while cutting overhead and other costs by enough to save $300,000 to $400,000 a year from what’s now a nearly $1.5 million township budget.

Evanston voters in March approved by a 2-1 margin an advisory referendum favoring dissolution of the township.

But the statewide lobbying group for township officials has blocked action in Springfield on a proposal by State Sen. Jeff Schoenberg that would permit Evanston to move ahead with the dissolution plan.

The management audit would evaluate services provided by the township and consider possible elimination, combination or consolidation of services, setting up service agreements with other agencies or contracting with the city for services.

Currently the township provides general and emergency assistance to indigents and advice to property owners on how to appeal their tax bills.

The request for proposals prepared for the committee meeting doesn’t estimate the cost of the study, but says it could be paid for from the town budget.

Would-be consultants would have to submit their proposals, including cost figures, by Sept. 26, and the RFP document anticipates that the township trustees would get the consultant’s final report by Nov. 16.

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Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Evanston Township Assessor’s office

    The Township's 2012 – 13 fiscal year began on 04/01/12.  From that date  through 08/31/12, the Evanston Township Assessor's office has helped local taxpayers by correcting tax bills for missed exemptions totalling $298,555.02.  Often the taxpayer didn't even know that they were entitled to these corrections until they contacted our office.   We still have seven more months until the end of this fiscal year. 

    This office also maintains transfer declarations sent by the County Recorder of Deeds and forwards Evanston city building permit data to the County Assessor for valuation.  This is in addition to the property tax appeal work we do every year for the taxpayers of Evanston.  This office is a necessary, local resource that costs about $0.71 per $1000.00 of property taxes paid by Evanston residents. 

  2. $0.71, it’s nothing, right?

    I hate the rationalization people make when they say things like "costs about $0.71 per $1000 of property taxes paid by Evanston residents."  As if that justifies anything. 

    I'm not making an argument for or against the assessors office.  It's just that whenever someone wants to take my money they always frame it with that type of absurd justification.  Oh, it's only equals about a starbucks coffee every month, oh, it's only a nickle here, a dime there, nothing to it.

    Bottom line, all in, it adds up to ridiculous amounts of money being extracted from my pocket.  That bottom line extraction is the important figure, and the $0.71 per $1000 is one more contribution to a ridiculous and growing taxation problem. 

     And thats just the cash extracted for today's spending without any figure placed on the outsized extractions yet to come to pay for all those other unfunded little nickle and dimes.. 


  3. Township and city

    My issue is the city is telling us the township has problems, please.  The city has many problems in its management of our money, The city wasted more than the townshiips budget in one year,

    remember the 1.4 million yard waste sticker screw up, that in it self is larger than the townships budget.

    (aying for a Wine and cheese bar on Howard street, maybe the city thinks this will help the needy?  Another $500,000 waste. 

    Paying for study after study with our tax dollars $25,000 here , $50,000 etc etc, no one does any real work that just keep on paying for unless study after study.

    Staff members continual involved in wasteful actiivities, the best recent one the Mayor gave a staff member an award for getting her an award.

    Please stop the nonsense and do something of value,

  4. Township efficiency

    To make the Township more efficient, why not work with the Property Standards people of the City when putting together building descriptions? Property Standards inspections see that many buildings have air conditioners and garages, etc., which the assessor's description of the property does not have, resulting in inequities in taxation. In two blocks of alley walking, I found a dozen properties with central air and/or garages which were not listed in the assessor's descriptions. And I was unable to see into all yards because of high board fences, so there were probably more ACs.

    1. Property record data is

      Property record data is controlled by the Cook County Assessor. 

      The Evanston Township Assesssor's office does not have any control over property descriptions. 

      However, if you bring a list of errors you've collected in your area we will send an assessment inquiry form for each error to the County Assessor and have them correct those property records prior to the 2013 re-assessment this coming February to ensure proper valuations are placed on those homes. 

      We're located at 846 Dodge Ave.

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