With all 72 precincts reporting, incumbent Katie Bailey and challengers Eileen Budde and Richard Rykhus have won the race for three seats on the Evanston/Skokie District 65 school board.

Bailey received 28 percent of the total vote, Rykhus drew 27 percent and Budde got 25 percent.

Incumbent board president Keith Terry trailed badly with just 16 percent of the vote, and challenger J.B. Rees received just 4 percent.

The unofficial vote totals from the Cook County Clerk’s office were:

  • Bailey 3,673.
  • Rykhus 3,578.
  • Budde 3,288.
  • Terry 2,073.
  • Rees 533.

(Updated 10:01 p.m.)

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Congrats to winners

    I voted for the three winners.  Hopefully we will finally have a board that will represents ALL students in the District.

  2. The message in this election is very clear to me…

    But the question is: Will the superintendent hear it?  This vote represents a sound repudiation of the Terry/Murphy approach to school administration.  It wasn't even close.  But will the administration recognize this and forge a different path?  Should be interesting.

    I strongly suspect that we won't be discussing yet another contract extension for Dr. Murphy this spring.

    1. Congratulations to D65 Board Winners–Budde, Rykhus, and Baily!

      Yes, I agree that "this vote represents a sound repudiation of the Terry/Murphy approach to school administration."  "But will the administration recognize this and forge a different path?"  Yes!!!! Murphy and Company have done it before and probably will do it again. They are masterful manipulators of rhetoric and statistics, secure their power through a top-down style of management, tire any opposition through committee hurdles, and have a support group at their beckon call that tries to redirect any opposing argument in terms of a political ideological battle. 


      1. The message is even clearer to me

        The message is: Most Evanston residents are not terribly interested in school board politics.  Like most Evanston residents, I didn't vote.   How many votes did the winners get?  Less than 3700.   I think even  Joel Pollak got more votes in Evanston.

        1. Sad commentary on our community

          So why didn't you vote? There were ample opportunities open and available to all community members to meet the candidates, ask questions, become informed and develop your own opinion. And VOTE. To not exercise your fundamental right to vote available in our democratic society is YOUR DECISION. Sadly, the level of engagement is lacking, especially for such a critically important topic like education.

          I am concerned by the highly politicized nature of school board elections. Witness Jan Schakowsky's endorsement and the role of local politicians. If people want to play politics, run for city council, state office or go to Washington DC. School Board members and elections should be about our children, all children, and developing governance and policies that will BEST prepare them academically, socially, emotionally, and extracurricularly (is that a word?) for the next step in their life.

  3. The message in this election is clear to me…

    Dear Anonymous:

    What path did you have in mind? School administration IS the responsibility of school administrators while school governance is the responsibility of the school board. The public does not want the school board to micro manage, knit pick,  and be involved in day-to-day operations. That is the reputation and history of this particular school board.
    District 202 has a long history of giving its superintendent a contract extension long before the current contract has expired. I look forward to reading your posts on those extensions as well.

  4. A New Dawn in D65

    I have high hopes for the future of D65 with the new board members. They have the vision to see a new future for the district and the intelligence and tenacity to see it through. I wait with interest to see what changes the new board members will bring.

  5. I Demand a Recount!

    Just Kidding…  Now that Spring Break is over and the kids are back in school and I am back in the old routine, I just wanted to congratulate Richard Rykhus, Eileen Budde and Katie Bailey on their election to the District 65 School Board.  If their campaigns are indicative of how they will govern then District 65 will be in good shape in the years to come.

    I want to thank Evanston Now for its campaign coverage of the election.

    And, finally I want to thank those few and proud Evanstonians who voted for me for which I am grateful.


    J.B. Rees

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