Big crew out to deal with 3-inch snowfall


City officials say they have "a very large crew" on duty this morning after a storm dumped three inches of snow on Evanston during the early morning hours.

Assistant Public Works Director James Maiworm says snow fell at a rate of an inch an hour from roughly 3 to 6:30 a.m.

After a lull during the day, Maiworm says about an additional half inch of snow is expected tonight.

The National Weather Service says temperatures, which are forecast to reach a high of 25 degrees today will crash to minus 2 overnight and then fall as low as 15 degrees below zero by Monday night.

Maiworm says he expects crews will be able to clear all the city's streets by this evening. They'll start by re-plowing and salting all the main roads and then move on to clearing side streets.

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