Bike broke? Bank has tools to fix it


There’s a new amenity in downtown Evanston for bicycists this week — a Bike Fixit Station located outside the downtown offices of First Bank & Trust.

The bank’s marketing director, Michael Yohanan, says the idea came up last year as officials were reevaluating the landscaping at the bank’s headquarters.

“We were trying to consider ways in which the bank could develop some of that space for community use. Since Downtown Evanston is so bike friendly and Divvy Stations were being installed around town, we thought a bike Fixit and Pump-it station would be a natural fit,” Yohanan says.

In addition to a hand pump for inflating tires, the station features an array of tool to help make bike repairs.

“There are great bike shops around town, but an added station like this could provide even more support to our cyclists,” he says.

Yohanan says the station was installed by Bucephalus Bikes owner Alex Añón, and it debut is timely — with Bike Week coming up next week.

“Depending on the community reception of this first installation,” Yohanan says, “the bank will definitely consider Fixit stations at our other branches or potentially sponsor some stations around town in conjunction with the City or other community partners.”

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