Bucephalus Bikes has moved to a new location in Evanston at 1424 Lake St.

Shop owner Alejandro (Alex) Añón first opened Bucephalus Bikes in a rented garage space on Greenleaf Avenue and then moved to 1532 Crain St., where it expanded its operation from maintenance and repair work to including sales of reconditioned bikes, parts and accessories.

Last winter, Añón says, he was outgrowing the available space again and closed the business temporarily to search for a larger and more accessible location.

Now he says he’s found an ideal space at Lake Street and Ashland Avenue, across the street from Penny Park and next door to Cherry Preschool.

Top: The new shop’s parts display. Above: The bike repair area looks out onto Penny Park.

The shop specializes in repairing bikes of every vintage and condition and will have expanded sales space, including new bikes and a wider selection of parts and accessories. The shop will also offer maintenance and other bike-related classes.

Añón, an architect by profession, has a passion for bicycles and a commitment to getting more people out riding them. He and  his wife and their four sons have been living car-free for the past 15 years.

He says he learned bicycle repair as a teen growing up in Uruguay, working in a small shop where bikes and their parts were routinely reused and rebuilt.

In his shop, Añón promotes a similar model of sustainability, encouraging the practice of reconditioning bicycles and selling quality bikes that can be maintained effectively.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Bucephalus rides again

    I am excited that the shop has re-opened.  Alex and crew do great work at a fair price..  I cannot wait to stop by and see the new shop.

  2. Bucephalus is a great neighborhood bike shop

    This place is the real deal.  No attitude, great work, and very friendly.

    It is–hands down–the best bike shop in town.

  3. A down to earth bike shop for real people

    So glad to hear that Alex's bike shop is open again. A wonderful resource for families. Low-key, reasonable,friendly, great advice.

  4. Great! I’d never heard of it.

    I've lived in Evanston since 1974 and never heard of it, despite getting rid of my car two-plus years ago and have been only biking. 

    Bikers may recall we had Schwinn on Central, a bike shop near the Noyes El, and one on Davis just west of Chicago Avenue.

    You would think we'd have more bike shops, not fewer.  Turin and Pony Shop always seem busy.

    1. Excellent

      I'm so glad – I've taken several bikes, including the kids', to their previous locations.  The guys are great, totally nice and understanding and not pretentious or obnoxious like some other places in the middle of town.  I can't recommend them enough!!!  Great addition back into the Evanston business mix.  Right by Cherry Preschool too, very convenient.

  5. When does he get a TIF?

    So good to see small businesses started and run by locals grow and grow.

    Oh, hey, when does he get a TIF?

  6. Happy to see a small business in Penny Park

    These guys are really nice!  My wife and I stopped in to welcome them to the Penny Park neighborhood; we couldn't be happier to see a small business move in.  It's a cool place.  It almost feels like a hip little bike shop out of Wicker Park or Bucktown.  I'd love to see more stuff like this move in and around Penny Park.

  7. Welcome to Evanston

    Welcome to Evanston.  A new business is always a welcome thing to the weary taxpayers of Evanston.

    At first I thought it was owned by Hank Williams, Jr.  Then I looked again and saw the name was a little different.

    As I welcome this new bike business to Evanston, I would be grateful if the owners would put up signs for their bicycling customers saying to obey all traffic laws.  They ARE traffic laws and not just car laws, truck laws, pedestrian laws, etc. 

    Also, one thing that I saw this week that really scared me was a bicyclist going around downed railroad gates.  Now, I know bicyclists expect cars, semis, etc, to stop on a dime, but I'm pretty sure that a train cannot.


    1. Off topic much?

      Wow. Bike haters trying to shove their $.02 all over the place. Let's just call it glass houses (e.g. drivers are not saints either) and stick to the topic, yeah?

      Yay, new business in town!

    2. Huh?

      "Welcome to Evanston" has posted the most panty-waisty, passive-agressive, insult-as-compliment online reader comment  I'll see this week, and it's only Sunday! 

  8. Wow

    Just dropped two of our bikes off for minor repairs and got a tour of the new facility. Alex has great plans for the future of his shop. Once he get's up to speed this will be a bike mecca that will attract bicycle enthusiasts from all over the place. So glad Bucephalus is open again.

  9. Bike shop reopens

    Congratulations, Alex, we wish you well -from Portland, the bike capital of the US.

  10. Congratulations

    Felicitaciones Ale!!! Cuanto me alegro por ti y tu linda familia!! Un beso enorme desde Las Piedras, Uruguay! Muchos éxitos!! Te queremos !!

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