State Sen. Daniel Biss (D-Evanston) today called Gov. Rauner’s closing of state museums to the public foolish and mean-spirited.

Rauner has announced the museum doors will be locked starting Thursday as the impasse between the governor and the legislature over a new state budget continues.

“Let’s be clear: The museums aren’t really closing,”Biss said in a statement. “Rather, Governor Rauner is locking out the public. The employees will still show up for work. The exhibits will remain in their places. The buildings will be heated and air conditioned. But, the governor is locking the doors and denying the public access to a tremendous asset and public resource.”


“It’s a foolish, mean-spirited move. Locking the doors and shooing away school groups from a fully staffed museum complex doesn’t save any money,” Biss added. “Governor Rauner’s short-sighted, uncaring decision won’t help the state economically, but will impede our cultural and educational growth.”

Biss, who’s seeking the Democratic party nomination to run for state comptroller next year, called on the governor to leave the museum doors open and fight budget battles at the negotiating table.

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  1. Grow Up, Biss

    Start acting like a man. Stop crying for what this governor is doing. You should be crying about what the democratic party and a hand full of republicans have done to this state. Stop standing up for your corrupt leaders, Madigan and Cullerton, and start standing up for the people of Illinois.



    1. Rauner acting again like a little kid having a tantrum

      So far all the governor has done is offer zero solutions to the budget crisis he has created. He has not offered a single budget proposal that balances the budget. Instead, he calls anyone who opposes his tactics dirty names and punches out by cutting payments for services to providers against those who depend on the state supported services to survive.  And, he flaunts his power by hiring consultants and staff for outrageous fees and salaries who have accomplished nothing.

      Its time he actually governs like an adult by sitting down with the legislative leaders and negotiating a realistic budget that includes both appropriate cuts and tax increases. Ranting about breaking up unions will not solve the state's budget crisis.  His actions clearly say to me he cares only for the wealthy and those who have connections and does not have any idea how to lead this state. Shame on him. His tenure as governor will be judged by what he does to make the state whole again as well as how he helps those in need in this state, not his ranting and raving and trying to bully the democrats. 

      1. Phil,


        I respect your opin and I do not think that this Governor is close to being perfect but he is an arm and a leg better than the last 4 governors. I have not seen him ranting and raving. I have not seen him refusing to meet with his corrupt foes that lead the Illinois House and Senate, both of whom refuse to do anything to improve the business and job climate in the state.

        You complain about the governor for what he hasn't accomplished in 8 months but are silent about the damage caused by our legislature over the last 40+ years. It seems strange. You should also be complaining about our local representatives who keep the same leaders in office and the judges we keep in office who keep favoring the "Connected". Then there is the Illinois Supreme Court. Even when judges lose their bid to be re=elected, the Supreme Court appoints them back into their judgeship. What kind of scam is that.

        How corrupt can a state be. Makes you want to cry.

        How about making some changes to improve our lot. Consider it a start:

        • Eliminate the Lt. Governor office. Why should we pay someone to attend funerals.
        • Combine Comtroller and Treasurer offices. Common sence, yes, but has been blocked by our legislature for decades.
        • Reduce the number of taxing bodies in the state, As a rule, any unelected body should not be allowed to tax you. The Evanston Library should not be able to tax you. Send the power back to the city council.
        • Public sector unions should not have their dues collected by the government. It is a conflict of interest. This does not apply to private sector unions.
        • School Districts that occupy the same physical area should be required to merge to one school district to reduce costs. Out of district student should be required to pay tuition. Proof of home address should be required. The freeloading must stop.

        There are probably 100's of cost saving measures. The best investment a government can make is to bring in efficient experts. Many times you will find that the work being done by 10, can be done by 6 or 7.


    2. Gov. “Mr. Potter” Rauner

      This morning's Tribune story shows just how mean spirited our Governor is:

      Rauner end run to cut budget another flashpoint in impasse

      "Now as Rauner continues to try to force additional cuts, his latest plan would make it more difficult for people to try to get state services restored once they lose them. Critics say it amounts to a one-two punch: First, thousands of people lose home care or help paying for food and electricity; then they face a harder time proving they really need the help.

      The changes, as well as additional cuts to services for the elderly, are estimated to save as much as $151 million — a relative drop in the bucket compared with overall spending that's expected to reach at least $37 billion because of various court orders and laws. The state expects to take in about $32 billion. Rauner wants lawmakers to approve his pro-business, union-weakening changes before talking about a tax increase to bring in more money, but Democrats are opposed to the Republican governor's agenda."


      I'm not particularly happy with the Democratic leadership in the Legislature either, but two wrongs don't make a right.

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