The men who would represent Evanston in the state senate disagreed about gun control, taxes and voter ID requirements at a forum in Wilmette today.

Democrat Daniel Biss, who’s completing his first term in the state house, said he wants keep the state’s ban on carrying concealed weapons.

Farkas said he would repeal the ban — the last in any of the states. But he said he’d probably prefer replacing it with a scheme that would give officials discretion about who could get a concealed carry permit.

Here’s what the candidates had to say about imposing a state tax on the sale of bullets …

Biss said he favors a graduated income tax, while Farkas generally rejected the concept, although he said he might support a plan that would exempt residents with poverty-level incomes from paying the state tax.

The candidates managed to agree on some issues raised by questions posed at the forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters.

Both said they are pro-choice, although Biss noted that he’s been endorsed by pro-choice groups including Planned Parenthood.

Both said they favor measures to impose similar accountability standards on charter and regular public schools and said they support consolidation to reduce Illinois’ highest in the nation number of units of local gobernment.

They also agreed that hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” needs more study before it’s permited for use in oil and gas drilling in Illlinois.

While Biss has been widely acknowledged as a leader in efforts to reduce the state’s budget-busting public pension problem, Farkas doubted his opponent’s ability to act in the best interest of voters given the financial backing he’s received from unions.

Biss has received backing in this campaign from the Illinois Federation of Teachers, among other groups that also include the state chamber of commerce. It’s been easy for Farkas to claim indendence on the pension issue, since he’s raised under $13,000 for his campaign, compared to over a half million for Biss.

Biss said requiring voters to show a photo ID would be a terrible idea that would cut voter turnout among the poor, minorities and the elderly for no benefit, because the fraud it is aimed at preventing hardly ever happens now.

But Farkas said people need to show photo IDs to get into office buildings these days and the government could provide the IDs for free to low-income residents.

About 50 people attended the forum at Wilmette’s village hall.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Biss is in the union’s pocket

    Daniel Biss received a $20,000 campaign donation from AFSCME, the second largest donation to a state legislator.

    Biss supports the idea of sending the state's unfunded Teacher's Union pension down to local school districts. Our local superintendents oppose this and warn that if it happens our taxes will go up again.

    That's enough for me to vote for Farkas.


  2. Farkas and Amendment XXIV

    "But Farkas said people need to show photo IDs to get into office buildings these days and the government could provide the IDs for free to low-income residents."

    Farkas  doesn't seem to understand the difference between private office buildings and voting.  Private office buildings can exclude whomever they want for not having identificiation ; voting is a constitional right.

    As for the government providing ID's for free to low-income residents:   Not good enough, Farkas.  I don't want to pay for an ID, regardless of my income, and Amendment XXIV (against poll taxes) says that you can't force me to pay a tax (or purchase an ID) in order to vote.  Free ID's must be provided to everyone.

    1. ID’s and Poll Tax

      Voter fraud is alive and well in Illinois, Cook County, and Evanston. You would be surprised how much occurs in our little town. In Cook County, people vote from the grave, from other peoples' addresses, and sometimes more than once. Illegal immigrants also vote some times. If Democrats were required to have photo ids, I bet that Illinois elects would be much closer.

      So you don't think that paying for photo ids is constitional (s/b constitiutional. You will see that you pay for elections through your property tax bill. Besides states that have voter id laws in place do not charge for voter ids. They eat the cost and taxpayers pay for it. Courts have already ruled that it is constitutional to tax for it.

      1. Amendment xxiv, again

        Your claims of massive voter fraud are of course unsubstantiated…surely if this kind of stuff were going on at anywhere near the levels that you claim, Patrick Fitzgerald would have done SOMETHING….and the Republican governors and Attorneys General of Illinois in past years would have done SOMETHING to stop Cook County from stealing elections…….and everyone knows that the easiest way to commit voter fraud is absentee ballots by mail…which tend to go Republican.  

        Surely you, who made this claim, can tell me the names of these dead people who voted in 2008?   After all, voting records (not how, but whether, someone voted) are publicly available…surely you could crosscheck voting records with death records and produce a list…right? 

        But ignoring your unsubstantiated claims, your constitutional analysis is faulty.  Yes, elections are paid for by taxes.  But if any ID's are required in order to vote, they must be available AT NO COST…to everyone.   You cannot prevent someone from voting just because he hasn't paid a tax, or 'user fee' ( 'user fee' is Republican for 'tax').

        As you state, elections are paid for through property taxes.  What about people who pay no property taxes?  These could be homeless people, or people who live in public housing, or others…..can they vote?  YES, they can.  Paying property taxes is NOT a requirement to vote.  That is Amendment XXIV.

        1. Cook county has a long record

          Cook county has a long record of not choosing to investigate voter fraud if they do not feel or you can not prove that it could change the outcome of the election. I know of an event about 6 years ago. where 87 absentee ballet were found by the losing candidate who lost by about 110 votes. Five people voted from the losing candidate's home. Others were from addresses that either did not exist or from people that moved from the address 1 or more years earlier. In Chicago people voted from cemeteries and addresses that did not exist. The press even found the names of phony people that voted numerous times. Everybody knew about it but the county didn't care

          In 1960, Kennedy won the state by a few thousand votes. It took the press about 6 months, but they found over 7 times as many fraudulent votes in Chicago alone. Enough to make Kennedy the president.

          In every state that has photo id laws, they allow for the casting of provisional ballots that can be counted at later time.

          No state has been allowed to charge for a state issued id except for a driver's license. Of coarse, the primary reason is for the privilege of driving.

          Even early voting requires a government issued id. The reason for this is that it protects the integrity of the election.

          You need a government issued photo id to get on a plane

          A photo id would prevent Jan's gestapo from sending men with union pins or Teamster jackets from voting for 90 year olds who are registered but never vote on their own.

          I saw the news of BO showing up at the polls to vote while electioneering. Isn't that against the law.

          1. Right wing mythology

            "In 1960, Kennedy won the state by a few thousand votes. It took the press about 6 months, but they found over 7 times as many fraudulent votes in Chicago alone. Enough to make Kennedy the president."


            This fake "fact" has become an important part of right-wing mythology….kind of like Al Gore claiming that he invented the internet (he never said that) or Saddam Hussein being behind the 9/11 attacks (false!)  or having weapons of mass destruction (false).


            Were Chicago's fraudulent votes  "enough to make Kennedy the president"?

                No.  Kennedy received 303 electoral votes out of a possible 537 in 1960 ( DC did not get to vote back then, and there were two extra members of Congress created for the new states of Alaska and Hawaii, so there were 437 congressmen + 100 senators).   Even without Illinois' 27 electoral votes, Kennedy would have had 276 – more than the necessary 269.   So your statement is simply false.     {  Oh, I know….Texas was stolen too!  And New Jersey!  But you claimed that Illinois tipped the election}


            Was voter fraud in Cook County ignored?

            You claim "Cook county has a long record of not choosing to investigate voter fraud if they do not feel or you can not prove that it could change the outcome of the election."   Perhaps you should read David Greenberg's   Was Nixon Robbed? in Slate, October 16, 2000:


            Charges focused on Cook County (specifically Chicago) where Kennedy had won by a suspiciously overwhelming 450,000 votes…..

             ….[T]he Cook County state's attorney, Benjamin Adamowski, stepped forward to lead the challenge. A Daley antagonist and potential rival for the mayoralty, Adamowski had lost his job to a Democrat by 25,000 votes. The closeness of his defeat entitled him to a recount, which began Nov. 29.

            Completed Dec. 9, the recount of 863 precincts showed that the original tally had undercounted Nixon's (and Adamowski's) votes, but only by 943, far from the 4,500 needed to alter the results. In fact, in 40 percent of the rechecked precincts, Nixon's vote was overcounted. Displeased, the Republicans took the case to federal court, only to have a judge dismiss the suits. Still undeterred, they turned to the State Board of Elections, which was composed of four Republicans, including the governor, and one Democrat. Yet the state board, too, unanimously rejected the petition, citing the GOP's failure to provide even a single affidavit on its behalf.


            So…as usual…your various claims are unsupported by any facts.



  3. Really, Dan? Even more taxes?

    Really, Dan? Even more taxes? New Progressive Illinois state income tax because Biss thinks that the "wealthy" 9th Senate District can afford it. And, substantially higher property taxes as Biss wants to push future pension fund liability onto the backs of local school districts and, hence, property taxpayers. 

    Guess, what, .. voters in the 9th Senate District are hurting, too. We need good paying jobs and small business growth, right here. 

    Meanwhile,  Biss' complete lack of substantive ideas about jobs creation, bringing employers to Illinois while recommending tax and pension policies that will worsen the flight of businesses OUT of the state is a further economic recipe for financial disaster. Biss seems unable to "get" that we need to fix corruption, waste and impose fiscal discipline in Illinois in order to help restore social programs. He is at the very center of the Springfield problem and we need to Real change in our local elected leadership.

    On the other hand, Glenn Farkas, a small business owner,  has stated he will not take a political pension when elected, and calls for a tax on Campaign contributions and his vision is "Respect the Taxpayer"; showing political courage and a start in the right  fiscal direction.  

  4. ‘Unsustainable’ eport requires new Illinois leadership

    Vote Dan Biss out, Now. Illinois depends on it.

    The hot-off-the-press Illinois fiscal report: http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20121023/NEWS02/121029949/group-illinois-may-not-be-able-to-provide-basic-services-to-residents

    is the most compelling argument to vote Dan Biss, candidate for 9th Senate District,at the very center of the Madigan elite few responsible for llinois' extreme and "unsustainable" financial emergency, out of office. 

    Vote Biss out of office for yourself, your children and your grandchildren. Split your ticket to get it done.

    Glenn Farkas understands you must fix the Illinois fiscal mess to provide for critical social services. Biss just doesn't "get it". 

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