About 75 Black Lives Matter protesters marched through the streets in and around downtown Evanston disrupting rush hour traffic for about 90 minutes this evening.

The protesters, whose complaints focus on incidents of deadly police violence against black civilians, paused at several intersections for impromptu rallies.

A large contingent of Evanston Police in patrol cars and on bicycles and an all terrain vehicle diverted auto traffic around the march route — which went from Church south on Ridge to Dempster, then west to Asbury, north to Grove, east to Sherman, north to Church, west to Ridge, north to Emerson, west to Asbury, south to Church and back to the starting point.

Many pedestrians along the march route smiled or waved at the demonstrators, and toward the end of the march on Asbury Avenue where police hadn’t been able to clear the street of traffic, some drivers exchanged high fives with the marchers as they passed.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Black lies matter

    Looks like these clueless high school and college kids are bucking for an A in school.

    They did this one day after five white Dallas cops were buried after a racist black gunman targeted them because of the color of their skin.

    The whole movement was founded on a lie. Hands up don't shoot was never said. Did they march and protest without a city permit? No arrests or citations?

    We can't wait to vote.

    1. Response to Black Lies Matter
      Its funny how your response is of a racist tone, and your threat of voting for Trump is suppose to scare anyone, AA are citizens of this country if the racist KKK are allowed to march, protest, or rally its ok with you, you are the problem with this country, let me ask you this did President Obama just win on the black vote?, NO!!!, WHITE, HISPANIC, ASIAN AND BLACK voted for him, i guess you voted for Ronemy and you saw the outcome, the republican party is split, not every white person is voting for Trump, and i suspect hardly to zero minorities, blacks, hispanics, etc.., but you are still thinking he will win, i guess when he doesn’t, you will move to Canada, and realize this country is made up of minorities, than outnumber whites, look around, do you really think blacks and hispanics will just leave, or leave peacefully??, the true race of people that belong here is native Americans, but you forgot that one, and you forgot you came over on ships as well, im tired of whites thinking they are superior, when actually you are scared men and women , sad because your legacy of power have come to a end, in November we will see who will be laughing, and i cant wait to vote myself!

  2. Like Chicago,a few days ago,

    Like Chicago,a few days ago, they blocked streets and disrupted the flow of traffic, and they ignored the lawful orders of the police to stop.There are probably a half a dozen reasons for their arrest. I can't think of one reason why the police allowed them to remain free.

    Evanston has an excellent police department.Who are the local politicians that prevented the police from doing their job?

    1. Protesting
      Unlike other cities, the city of Evanston values having people that are active in their community. When BLM protestors decide to march down the street, it’s not because they are trying to make everyone’s lives more difficult, it is because they are trying to get their message across. Why arrest them anyways? They were causing no harm, physical or emotional, and the people deserve to speak out against injustice! What you are suggesting would be the police over-stepping and causing harm to the public they are sworn to protect.

      1. Isn’t it illegal to block traffic?

        I don't understand why protesters aren't being arrested. I thought it was illegal to block traffic.  Am I missing something?

        1. Yes- you’re missing that the

          Yes- you're missing that the police were protecting and allowing a peaceful protest to happen. 

    2. Not told to stop

      Hi Skip,

      While it is true that the demonstrators in Evanston blocked traffic, your assertion that "they ignored the lawful orders of the police to stop" is false.

      I was there throughout the event, and the police consistently acted to facilitate the march — blocking traffic to make way for the protest. The marchers were never ordered to disperse or to get out of the street.

      There are many different approaches police can take in responding to protests. We saw a non-confrontational approach yesterday.

      — Bill

  3. Protest
    One of the signs said “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” Evanston is very progressive (liberal). To me this was a stunt by some white students who don’t have enough to do this summer and want to brag that they participated in a protest. One has a much higher and crucial moral responsibility to work in under-served communities around the country to educate people, register, them to vote, and get them to the polls in November. Voting against the hate and ignorance in our country today is the true moral responsibility we all have.

    1. Needed here

      The fact that someone with your ideas (this showing of support for the black community was carried out by white kids with nothing better to do) is exactly why this needs to happen in Evanston.

      As a whole we may be liberal, but there is still (willful) ignorance, still bigotry, and still racism to combat.  (This is not to mention the horrible assertion that high needs communities need some sort of help from the people of Evanston.  We need to be quiet and listen.)

      1. Good ole American fascism.

        That's the thing.

        These "white kids" are perpetuating a lie. More whites than blacks are shot and killed by cops. A week before two armed black men were killed by cops in Louisiana and Minnesoata, Fresno cops shot and killed Dylan Noble, an UNARMED 19 year old white man lying on the ground. AND THERE'S A VIDEO!!!!!!

        Obama said nothing. Black Lies Matter said nothing. Al Sharpton, nothing. Why is that? Was it because Noble is white and it doesn't fit the narrative of the racial grievance crowd? Sounds to me like that's racism. And the dude who shot 11 Dallas cops, killing five, because they were white was clearly racist. Yes, there's racism to combat but your protests are directed at the wrong targets.

        Am I racist if I say, all lives matter? Remember what happened to Democrat candidate Martin O'Malley when he said all lives matter at a townhall meeting? There was so much consternation that O'Malley APOLOGIZED for saying all lives matter. That set of events smacks of fascism. 

        During Obama's term as president, more than 3,500 people were shot and killed in Chicago, most of them black. Most of the deaths involved gang gunfire. When are you and your liberal brethren going to march on Chicago's south side and protest against gangs? Heck, Evanston has a healthy gang presence. When will you march and demand our leaders declare a war on gangs that have killed tens of thousdands of young black men?

        The cops you protest have SAVED more lives than you will ever know. But your hatred of the "system" blinds you.

        Imagine if someone in Evanston erected a sign in their front lawn that stated all lives matter. Or better, a sign that says, Trump 2016. That house would be a target for vandalism because that's how some of you liberals roll – you silence opposition with shout downs, beat downs and vandalism. We saw that at the Trump campaign rally in Chicago.

        It's easy and edgy to march and protest against police. But the first sign of danger you run away as cops run toward the danger. We saw that first hand in Dallas — black lives matter protesters fleeing for their lives as shots rang out while Dallas cops ran toward the shooter and shielded protesters. You should have read some of the hateful and gleeful Twitter comments aimed at police after the racist Dallas shooting.. 

        Liberalism used to be a respectful term. Now it has morphed into good ole American fascism. And the scary thing is the Democratic party endorsed black lives matter. A major political party is perpetuating the lie in order to agitate a segment of the voter population in an election year. Mussolini would be proud.

        1. It’s about proportion
          Sure, you can say that more white people were shot by cops than black people, but you are purposefully ignoring the real facts. When injustice and tyranny is being measured, percentages and proportions are often used. While more white people were shot by police (true fact), the percentage of all white people being shot by police did not even come close to the percentage of black people shot. The numbers that matter are the ones that explain your likelihood of being shot by the cops when you are pulled over for a traffic violation. Black people need to fear the police much more than white people, it’s a simple fact that your attitude is supporting.

          As for the Dallas shooter, why even bring him up? He was a complete lone wolf, even so far as to be blacklisted by various black power groups across the region because of his mental instability. Do black people need to apologize and speak out against his actions? Absolutely not. Same goes for white people. Do we need to apologize and speak out against the terrorism of the KKK? Perhaps not.

          All lives matter is a racist idea formed simply because Black people are not allowed to have a movement that supports their cause and outlines the extreme injustices that they have been facing for hundreds of years. I have said previously, All Lives Matter is formed to help white people rationalize their insecurities towards black people by denying the fact that they are still marginalized by the system.

          I don’t know if I even want to get into the reasoning behind gang members. It’s such a complicated matter that eventually boils down to the fact that racist white realtors teamed up with cities across the United States to force Black people to live in the same neighborhoods, often with squalid conditions and an occupying force from the police.

          When black people have been marginalized and brutalized by people such as yourself for the past 300 years, it’s no wonder that they are fed up and want some darn change.

          1. The proportion of violent crime committed?

            "people such as yourself for the past 300 years" 

            I did not realize that the poster was cut from the same cloth as Methuselah. Or are you suggesting that based on the amount of pigment in a person you can assess guilt? Saying that a race of people all share a common negative trait, soley on the basis of their race. I think there is a word for that definition. 

          2. All Lives Matter Is clearly not racist

            I agree with you that proportion is the key and the fact remains that the proportion police shootings largely follow the proportion of violent crime . All lives matter refers to the fact that people of all colors are shot and killed by the police. This would be an issue that people of all colors and backgrounds can agree on, but BLM has made it a race issue. Saying Black Lives Matter is saying that you car more about the color of a victims skin than the victim. It is saying that I will march for a murdered citizen, but only if the color of the murdered citizen is black. It is saying I will block traffic, break laws and otherwise make others’ lives harder, but only for a black person. Saying black lives matter is saying that I will not lift a figure, let alone attend a memorial service or demonstration for a victim if they had the unfortunate circumstance of being Caucasian, Asian, or Latino, or even to light a shade of brown, because Black Lives Matter to the demonstrators – and lives of everyone else can matter to someone else. 

          3. It’s about common sense and decency

            So you want to talk proportion and percentages? OK.

            Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute looked at the FBI statistics for the 75 largest counties in the country and found that although blacks are only 15 percent of the population in those counties, they commit 57 percent of the murders, 45 percent of the assaults and 62 percent of the robberies. Cook County was included in the study.

            According to the FBI, in 2013, 37 percent of cop-killers are black. Policemen are nearly 19 times more likely to be killed by a black person than a black person is to be killed by a cop. Given these crime rates, the fact that only 26 percent of civilians killed by police are black is astonishing. 

            Black lives matter members last year marched in New York, chanting, " What do we want?" "DEAD COPS!" “When do we want it?" "NOW! A black lives matter chapter marched at the Minnesota fair last year, shouting, 'pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon'. 

            So you say the racist Dallas shooter was a lone wolf and I presume you think he wasn't influenced by the antipolice black lies matter chants and marches.

            Well, what about Ishmael Brinsley, a black man who last year drove to the Bronx from Baltimore and asassinated two New York cops sitting in their squad car? Was he a lone wolf, too? Here's what he wrote before the cop assassination: "I’m Putting Wings on Pigs Today. They take 1 of Ours…Let’s Take 2 of Theirs #ShootThe Police #RIPErivGardner (sic) #RIPMikeBrown This May Be My Final Post…I’m Putting Pigs In A Blanket.”

            Pigs in a blanket. Now where did I hear that before? Hmmmm?

            Don't forget about last year's assassination of Houston policeman Darren Goforth who was in uniform pumping gas in his car when Shannon Miles, a black man,shot Goforth in the back of his head, killing him. The motive was he wanted to kill a cop. Another lone wolf I guess. Seems to be a lot of lonely wolves out there.

            According to you, saying all lives matter is a "racist idea" and is "formed to help white people rationalize their insecurities towards black people by denying the fact that they are still marginalized by the system?" And you claim it prohibits "black people" from having a movement? Is it OK for an Asian to say all lives matter?

            It sounds like you want to prohibit anyone from saying all lives matter, and if they say it they are racist. According to your logic, anyone who thinks all lives matter is racist, That isn't just convoluted crap – it's good ole American fascism.

            Oh yes, gang banging is so complicated. There are so many gangs out there it's hard to keep track of them all. You need an Ivy League school PhD  and tons and tons of research just to skim the surface of the complicated inner workings of American gang culture. And of course racist "white" Realtors are to blame for all those gangs. Say, why don't those Evanston black lies matter protestors target real estate offices in Evanston? What a novel idea!! I mean blacks are not allowed to live anywhere they want, according to you.

            I love to know how you can explain WHY millions of brown people from South America who can't speak English and have nothing but the shirt on their backs SNEAK into racist America? Why would they do that with all those racist cops and Realtors? 

          4. Do black people need to

            Do black people need to apologize and speak out against his actions? Absolutely not. Same goes for white people. Do we need to apologize and speak out against the terrorism of the KKK? Perhaps not.

            Why do black people “absolutely not” need to apologize, while for white people, you say “perhaps not?”

  4. Did They Cover 1700 block of Dodge?

    I heartily endorse this protest, and hope the protesters made it all the way to the 1700 block of Dodge Avenue, where people whose lives matter have been shooting and killing each other for the past several years.

    1. And we fill another Square on

      And we fill another Square on our Racism Denial Bingo Card!

    2. Talking about the black on

      Talking about the black on black violent crime rate isn't what we should be focusing on billyjoe. People don't need to hear about how much of the violent gun crime is black on black. We should be focusing all of our attention on how the racist white ghouls in blue uniforms are unjustly targeting young black men, and how the availability of guns is forcing them to kill one another. We need to use social media to increase everyone's awareness about how the police are gunning down young innocent black men who were most likely on their way to becoming very positive and productive members of society, many of them doctors, lawyers, and teachers no doubt.

      We need to suppress any type of media attempting to address black on black crime statistics. We need to stop blaming poor parenting for teenagers' blatant disrespect for the laws and start blaming the racist system. We need to stop blaming the thieves for stealing and start blaming the the government for not setting a minimum wage high enough that every single person in America can afford the 2000sq ft new condo, 2 new cars, 70in hdtv, and iPhones with unlimited data they deserve. We need to stop blaming the murderers who are killing each other over drug turf with illegally purchased guns, and start blaming the gun manufacturers. 

      A huge thanks to those of you who came out and protested yesterday. The best way to facilitate any meaningful change in society is definitely to change your Facebook profile picture and to post pictures of yourselves blocking traffic on Instagram. You guys are going make a big difference. Keep it up. 

    3. Next stop 1900 block of Jackson

      Next stop 1900 block of Jackson and then push on over to Payne and Darrow. 

  5. Why protest police brutality in Evanston? What has the EPD done?
    I have a lot of sympathy with people protesting excessive police brutality. But the reality is that police departments are run by municipalities. Sure, the Furgeson, MO situation was appalling and the police department there needs accountability.

    But, what does that have to do with the Evanston PD? Your group was protesting in Evanston. Please detail the specific problems that have occurred here in Evanston and specific solutions to those problems.

    I didn’t see any of that during the protests yesterday.

    What do you want the City of Evanston and its police force to do to insure that Black Lives Matter?

  6. There is a solution

    If the police are shooting too many "innocent" people, maybe Evanston and other cities should disband the police department and have the black ministers [white one too if they are not considered too racist] and aldermen replace the police for all patrols, handling of shootings, domestic violence and other crimes. If the partrol for even such items as no turn signals, broken lights and even speeding, think how many lives they would save. I'm sure Jessie Jackson would love to train them and even patrol himself. Since they understand black/latin society, they should be able to stop all the shootings and gang violence. 

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