Black Lives protesters block rush-hour traffic


About 75 Black Lives Matter protesters marched through the streets in and around downtown Evanston disrupting rush hour traffic for about 90 minutes this evening.

The protesters, whose complaints focus on incidents of deadly police violence against black civilians, paused at several intersections for impromptu rallies.

A large contingent of Evanston Police in patrol cars and on bicycles and an all terrain vehicle diverted auto traffic around the march route — which went from Church south on Ridge to Dempster, then west to Asbury, north to Grove, east to Sherman, north to Church, west to Ridge, north to Emerson, west to Asbury, south to Church and back to the starting point.

Many pedestrians along the march route smiled or waved at the demonstrators, and toward the end of the march on Asbury Avenue where police hadn't been able to clear the street of traffic, some drivers exchanged high fives with the marchers as they passed.

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