Meet Co-Director Ezra Averyhart From Brillianteen's 'Guys and Dolls!'

McGaw YMCA's youth-run theatre

On March 6-8, McGaw YMCA's Brillianteen will present its 64th annual student-produced musical, Guys and Dolls. Click here for tickets!

Brillianteen introduces high school juniors and seniors to the experience of live theatre, allowing them to develop leadership and team-working skills, boost their confidence, and gain a greater sense of community. In the YMCA’s spirit of inclusion, every student who auditions is invited to participate.

Ezra Averyhart co-directs almost 150 peers in this production - check out what he said about the experience:

Ezra Averyhart

Junior at ETHS

Brillianteen role: part of Youth Directing Team

Why directing: I’ve done some acting, so I thought I’d try directing. I like challenges.

Favorite challenge as co-director: Making the play interesting not just for me, but for the audience. Like, I would add a lot more action and some fighting to the scenes, but not everyone likes that.

What I’ve learned: People to people skills, like how to get on their level instead of being authoritative.

Why see Guys and Dolls: There are a lot of plays in Evanston, but not many run by teens. If you want to see how diverse Evanston is, you can see it in this play. And, it’s funny.