Oops! There's another landmark!

Folks who've been following Evanston Now's stories about downtown landmarks over the past couple weeks have reason to wonder what's been happening with the data.

When I first posted the landmarks story on June 28, I concluded, based on my own tally from the printout of a seven-page spreadsheet provided by the Preservation Commission, that 18 buildings downtown are landmarks.

I made a few errors reading that spreadsheet. It actually lists 21.

Using the city's Geographic Information System map service online I spotted several additional downtown buildings the GIS identifies as landmarks over the past several days. That raised my count to 25. I've revised the original story several times to reflect the changing data.

This morning the city's preservation coordinator, Carlos Ruiz, presented a new list of downtown landmarks to the Plan Commission's Downtown Plan Subcommittee. It shows 28 landmarks, and removes some that had been on the earlier list.

But by my count that newest list combines two buildings into one, so it appears the latest count is actually 29.

I've posted photos of most of the landmarks in a gallery so you can see for yourself what Evanston's landmarks look like. (I hope to add the rest tomorrow, assuming it stops raining so I can get good pictures of them.)

A big part of the reason for having landmarks is to identify them for the public and use them to explain the city's history. If it's this hard to even get an accurate list of downtown landmarks, it's hard to believe that public education function is being adequately fulfilled.